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The pets PAshi was seen with in the Nexus in RotMG.

NameRarityFamilyPlaceAbility 1LvlAbility 2LvlAbility 3LvlML
鎌が本体ニキDivineSpooky75thMagic Heal100Heal100Electric90100
Frilled LizardLegendaryReptileHeal70Savage61Electric190
Peppermint SnailRareAquaticHeal56Magic Heal53Attack Far66
LionRareFelineMagic Heal40Heal25Attack Mid59
Golden PupUncommonCanineElectric23Attack Far14Rising Fury34
Blue ThingCommon? ? ? ?Magic Heal30Attack CloseSavage30
White LionRareFelineAttack Close1Savage1Rising Fury21