Ability Items

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Untiered Ability Items

Cloak of the Planewalker
Quiver of Thunder
Tablet of the King Avatar
Tome of PurificationTome of Holy ProtectionTome of Frigid Protection
Helm of the Juggernaut
Snake Skin ShieldShield of OgmurSpiteful Scutum
Seal of Blasphemous Prayer
Plague PoisonMurky Toxin
Cracked Crystal SkullSkull of Endless TormentSkullish Remains of Esben
Coral Venom Trap
Orb of Sweet DemiseOrb of Conflict
Ghostly PrismPrism of Dancing SwordsPrism of Dire Instability
Honey ScepterScepter of Fulmination
Midnight Star

Special Theme Set Ability Items

Ghastly Drape Ancient Spell: Pierce Book of Geb Helm of Draconic Dominance Onyx Shield of the Mad God Seal of the Enchanted Forest Soul of the Bearer

Limited Ability Items

Thousand Suns SpellFreezing Quiver