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Development and Release History

Patch Notes 27.7.X10.2

January 19

Winter themed content & Chinese New Year Themed Content

While we keep working towards our next meaningful content releases, this release will mainly be adding themed content. We have included a whole batch of character skins, pet stones and special editions of gear that will be released over the next weeks. You will also find that the Nexus has been decorated with celebratory Chinese Lanterns as well as a beautiful Chinese Dragon.

New Drops

Snake Pit

Ocean Trench

  • You will now have a chance to find the Arctic Bow


  • You will now have a chance to find the Ice Crown

All the drops you usually find in these dungeons can still be found as well.

New Character Skins

  • Penguin Knight (Knight)
  • Frimar Knight (Knight)
  • Frozen King (Necro)
  • Blizzard Sorcerer (Sorc)
  • Ice King (Priest)
  • Icicle Dial Mystic (Mystic)
  • Yuki Onna (Mystic)
  • Chinese Dancer Trickster (Trickster)

New Pet Stones

  • Desert Cobra (Pet Skin)
  • Rooster (Pet Skin), regular red + rare golden
  • Chinese Dragon (Pet Skin), small & big
  • Chinese Lantern (Pet Skin), small & big
  • Gingerbread Man (Pet Skin)
  • Mini Polaris (Pet Skin)

Special Edition Items

  • Enchanted Ice Blade (Crystal Sword reskin)
  • Staff of Iceblast (Staff of Extreme Prejudice)
  • Eternal Snowflake Wand (Wand of the Bulwark)
  • Artic Bow (Coral Bow)
  • Frost Drake Hide Armor (Hydra Skin Armor)
  • Frost Elementalist Robe (Robe of the Grand Sorcerer)
  • Ice Crown (The Forgotten Crown)
  • Frost Citadel Armor (Acropolis Armor)
  • Tome of Frigid Protection (Tome of Holy Protection)


  • Vault Chest and Character Slot Unlocker will no longer equip on shift click. It needs to be used directly from the inventory (a help message has been added).