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Help the Wiki

The purpose of this page is to organize all of the wiki’s flaws: missing pages, inaccurate or subjective information, pages that are poorly written, etc. This wiki needs quite a bit of improvement, and hopefully a list of things that need improving will make this easier for everyone.

If you can help out with any issues listed here, please do! If you notice anything wrong with the wiki but can’t fix it yourself, list it here.

Quick links


All of the links to the Wild Shadow and Kabam Forums no longer work, so please replace those with links to their archives.

If you have comments regarding the wiki page, or want to help the wiki, go to this thread, or join the channel on the IRC via your IRC client, or via a web client.

Please source all images from here and information from here if possible!

To brush up on HTML/Markdown, feel free to visit the syntax section of the Editing the Wiki page.

All drop rates have been removed, DO NOT revert these changes

Do not edit the wiki for changes on testing. Testing is irrelevant to the production servers, and testing changes often. Because it’s testing.

Please do not add player-created lore on pages except for this, regardless of how well-written you think it is. Lore does not add much usefulness to pages and can be distracting for readers. The purpose of the wiki is to provide useful and objective information to readers, not entertain them with amazing and imaginative tales from the realm.

Please try to add to the pages while ONLY ADDING VALID, LEGITIMATE, and REAL INFORMATION.
Every little bit helps!

Pages that need to be created

Please do NOT add pages that need to be created as empty; use the Template Pages.

Pages that need specific work done

Enemy pages that particularly need work

We need to start sizing this down. Once it’s fine, people forget to take it off. A general rule of thumb is that there are things missing - usually tips - it stays on here.

Please put minor event minions on the boss’s page, like Lich.