Using the Adobe Flash Projector to play RotMG

This page will help you play RotMG with the stand-alone version of Adobe Flash Player, which is a potentially faster alternative to using a web browser or the Steam client. A video tutorial outlining a similar procedure can be followed here.

1: Download and install the Adobe Flash projector

Go to Adobe’s support website and download the most recent release of the Adobe Flash Player Projector for your system (Windows, Macintosh, or Linux). Currently, the most recent releases are 16.0 (Windows/Macintosh) and 11.2 (Linux). Follow the instructions from Adobe to install the software. For Windows machines, the file is a .exe and needs no installation.

While other Flash Projectors exist, there is no guarantee that they either work or are safe. If someone links you to a projector and the link is pointing anywhere other than a page on, you should not click the link and assume they are attempting to have you install malicious software.

If you are playing using the normal client on, follow the instructions below. If you play with a Kongregate account, you’ll need to take more complicated steps as described below.

2: Find the current location of RotMG

For a link which auto-updates to use the current release, use the following:

What you now have should be a working link to the current release. Copy that address to your clipboard and proceed to the next step. If you use this, the only time you will have to update the URL is if the site goes down.

Alternatively, you may use a direct link to the AssembleeGameClient file; this will not auto-update, and will need to be changed with each release.

For the current release 27.7.6 the link you will need is:

If this link or the link you are currently using stops working, you will need to find the new active link to the game. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Click this link and copy the string of numbers.
  • In the following URL replace “code from previous link here” with the number string. from previous link here.swf

3: Point your flash projector to the game

Open your flash projector and in the top left corner click on “File” and then “Open”.

Default (empty) Flash Projector

This will bring up a window asking you to provide either a URL or destination for a local file. In the empty “Location” box paste the game link from the previous step.

Flash Projector "Open" Dialog

Press “OK” and the game should load.

Realm of the Mad God as seen in a Flash Projector

If the projector just returns to an empty white screen after pressing OK, then you either gave it an invalid or outdated link to the game. Refer back to the previous step for instructions on finding the current link.

That’s it! Enjoy playing Realm of the Mad God!

Using Kongregate

Go to and sign in.


Press F12 in Windows to open the developer tools console, or right click on the page and select “Inspect element”. The console should appear at the bottom of the Kongregate game page.

Select the tab at the top of the console titled “Sources”. You should see a box on the left (also titled “Sources”) which lists a number of site names. Where appears, open it and look for a line including the text:

Right click it and copy the URL.


If using Firefox, you’ll need to have Firebug installed (

Right click the Firebug icon and hit “Activate all panels”. Click on it and go to Net>HTML. You’ll probably have to reload the page.

Realm of the Mad God in Firebug

Right click and copy the address that includes the text:


Enable the Develop menu (under ‘Advanced’ preferences) then launch the game on Kongregate. Put it in Cinematic Mode (not essential but it makes it much easier to find the information), then right-click on the black frame of the game window and choose ‘Inspect Element’.

This brings up the Web Inspector with the frame highlighted. Expand three times until you see the HTML body tag. Expand that and look for and copy the HTML containing the flashvars.

The flashvars is the string you need to create the URL. Take it and replace all the HTML ampersands (‘&’ then ‘amp’ then ‘;’) with real ampersands (‘&’) to get the string that goes after the ‘?’ in your personal URL.

Your personal URL

Your new direct link to the game can be used in a web browser, but not the Flash Projector. It’ll look something like:

It should look like a whole jumble of data, but all you need are these and the values that come after (connected with equals signs):


So you can shorten the URL to:

Use step #2 from above to get the current URL for the Realm AGCLoader. Replace kongregate.html with AGCLoadernumbers here.swf

The URL is now ready to be used in Flash Projector. It should look something like this: username&kongregate_user_id=2996434&kongregate_game_auth_token=c450148f502fbe0df036060ae059622f322c2b713f6cf169b1a1765wf3b94037&kongregate_api_path=

Tips for playing

When you use Flash Projector in Windows, press Ctrl + Alt + Del (Ctrl + Shift + Esc in Windows 7) to open task manager, and set the priority of the projector to High. This should reduce lagspikes.

You can also use Flash Projector to see a bit more of the game at a time:

  • Open the game in Adobe Flash Projector
  • Make sure hardware acceleration is off
  • Set the zoom level to 100%
  • Set Flash Projector to display in full screen

This will allow you to see objects that are just slightly outside of the normal view.