Bonde dos carecas

Fame249 (13069th)
Exp138332 (12795th)
Most active onUSSouth3 (688th)
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Former members of the guild Bonde dos carecas in RotMG.

NameRankLeft the guildCurrent guildFameExpRCLast seenSrv.
Leader2020-06-22 03:27:11Haters Gonna Hate00560hidden
Officer2020-01-15 00:35:1400802020-04-15 16:55:52AE
Initiate2020-01-03 21:43:2400210hidden
Member2019-03-05 12:10:11002712020-10-17 16:38:00USS3
Member2018-12-07 01:38:12Clan BR00530hidden
Initiate2018-03-11 23:24:48BRland00570hidden
Initiate2018-02-24 23:33:0400402018-03-11 15:21:27USS3
Officer2018-01-26 23:54:2300400hidden
Initiate2018-01-21 21:44:1300202020-08-22 19:41:15USS3
Initiate2017-08-10 15:42:30Mafia do JoJo006502020-05-05 03:51:34USS3
Initiate2017-07-24 03:00:50Winter Noble Knights004302020-09-07 16:42:58USS3
Initiate2017-03-25 04:53:20004002017-11-02 16:46:48USS2