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PPE2Gether, Discord for having fun at doing PPEs with others (4)
RotMG Brazilian Discord Server! / Server Discord Brasileiro RotMG! (4)
“The Older Realms” - An attempt at a more traditional RotMG experience! (13)
[Discord] Conifer of Concepts (1)
Discord not friendly to new people/coming back after years. (3)
Divinity Discord Server for Fast and Safe Oryx Sanctuary Runs! (2)
Cult Hunters Huge Opening Event (1)
Thicket discord (4)
Looking for a Lost Halls Discord (4)
Marble Colossus Discord [Survival Discord] (6)
[IrisBot] Discord Verification Bot (and more soon) (2)
O3 Discord [Oryx Sanctuary Discord] (5)
Giveaway discord [TwickaS RotMG Giveaway Discord] (2)
We have a small new discord for nests,come join :D [We Do Nests Discord] (2)
Is there a nest discord (5)
Oryx the Mad God 3 Raiding Discord + O3 Spoilers ( 2 ) (27)
Join Maximum Efficiency [Discord server] (6)
TradeOTMG (#1 Trading Discord Returns) (2 Years Later) (4)
Event Hunters Discord [Another weekend & other events discord] (12)
Hacker free lh discord [S L G] (13)
Secluded Thicket Discord server! [No valid invites in the thread] (11)
LF>The fame train discord (6)
Someone got the LH discord? (9)
Newest lh discord [Lost Halls] (6)
New Giveaway Discord [Discord Of The Mad God] (6)
Realm Slayers: RotMG Discord dedicated to closing realms and hunting Event Bosses and Event UTs (10)
SPC ( 2 3 4 ) (60)
ROTMG Discords (3)
Train Discord (3)
New discord of Lost Halls. Get in and register to be able to do the runs. (5)