Game Discussion   Bugs & Known Issues

Infi load, IP cooldown (6)
Graveyard/Pets and such never update. (3)
Tiered wands incapacitate each others enchantment (2)
Dungeon mod bugs (2)
I have reason to believe that the Tier 9 "Jewel Eye Katana" no longer drops in-game (13)
Repeatable missions not resetting (6)
Having a problem in Davy Jones’ locker (4)
Fame update made me lose star progress (7)
Can't enchant aspirant items (6)
Huge disconnect issue (6)
Ritual Skull And Mystic Orb (3)
Connection forcibly closed again... (4)
Realmeye graveyard two months out of date (18)
Potential Bug Report: Ninja stuck on speedy (5)
Hidden interregnum do'not complete (2)
Opacity Doesn't Work. (5)
Lost stats (4)
Realm eye no pet (6)
Can't use drake eggs in Oryx's Sanctuary (4)
Closed by Remote Host (4)
buying gold doesn't load anything (4)
Death By Train Says "Killed By Oryx" (2)
Quartermaster Scabbard drops your HP (4)
Cannot activate battlepass (6)
High Tech Terror Bug (2)
Bugged ship (7)
Bugged Ship(s) (11)
My trade request doesn't send (for a couple weeks now, maybe throughout motmg if i had noticed earlier but who knows?) (3)
Locked players unlocked (3)
My loot pot timer disappeared (5)