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Game overworks my gpu (4)
Missing Blueprints( Fixed- locked in a few hours later and its back) (5)
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Verification Instructions for Pest Control (3)
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Pet Change Family Bug (3)
Lost Base Fame (7)
Showing 7/8 when 8/8 (6)
Fame Glitch? (2)
Stuck on Exalt Launcher screen (2)
Star update reset my fame (4)
Unable To Connect to UsEast (6)
Miner event with everything active (8)
MT/Encore/Pumkin bug (4)
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Item freezes in mid-air when throwing it (5)
object reference not set to an instance of an object (2)
Stuck on loading screen (3)
Cemetery Dungeon Breaking Bug? (3)
Skull Heal Range (1)
I keep getting connection closed by remote host (9)
I closed the game and lost my Warrior (16)
Guild Board Bug avoidable? (3)
Storing items in both the vault and the potion thing made me lose them (5)
Bottled medusazoan bug (4)
Parasite Chambers: the Pterasite Colony still does THAT thing (5)
Drinking Potions From Vault Glitch (4)
Radeon Software April update causing big slowdowns (4)
Rotmg exalt steam infinite loading screen, can't even open game (4)