Guild Recruitment & Inquiries

Recruiting for TXT! (3)
Guild for doing Harder Dungeons in Small Groups (1)
JUGGIES: Top 7 AUS (3)
Looking for an Australian server guild, seems to be hard to find (4)
PuraVida reclutando! (3)
Active Guild Recruiting! Guild Pops, PPE Contests, and More! (9)
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Looking for a guild on EUW/EUSW (1)
Looking for a guild in GMT +8 or similar (2)
Beginner Player looking to learn the endgame (2)
Looking for an NA guild that does their own shatters/losthalls (4)
TheProtectorsOfNexus - New protectors (RO/ENG) [EUE] (3)
The guild is searching people [EUWest] (2)
looking for guild euw (2)
Dusk Falls is recruiting! (USMW2 Semi-casual) (4)
Recruitment for the Crimson Lion Kings! (17)
French player looking for a french guild or player (1)
The Senate is Recruiting Again - Previously top 20 (4)
Chuck E Cheese is Recruiting. (1)
Looking for a new guild, Tied Army isn't nearly as active (7)
Looking for a guild... haha jk... unless??? (2)
CONTENT - Not Just For Creators (14)
Senat (14)
Astronomia is Recruiting (1)
Coolest forumer looking for a guild! (7)
Top 30 Guild debt is now recruiting (1)
(EUW TOP 15) Almost full, weekly key pops! (1)
Interested in joining a guild of active players (3)
Looking For Chill Guilds? (US East/US South) (4)
Recruting for ROTMGHelpers (1)