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About the Ideas category [Ideas] (1)
Spook, a Sorcerer skin by Xaklor ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ) [Cosmetics] (236)
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Skull of Endless Torment Rework/Resprite - JohnMH's Version ( 2 ) [Items] (28)
The Shogun - JohnMH (Final, I promise) ( 2 ) [Classes] (22)
[New Ability Idea] Vial of Blinding Light [Items] (18)
[New Robe Idea] Ghostly Tatters [Items] (3)
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Angel/Demon UT shield [Works in Progress] (12)
Dark Wizard Set (UT) [Items] (7)
Touhou Skins! (new) [Cosmetics] (15)
Ability Range (In-Game Feature Idea) [Other] (8)
Berserk and Damaging Balance Possibilities [Other] (4)
White(s) in COTT ( 2 3 ) [Ideas] (43)
Genetically Modifying Pets [Other] (9)
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What if bullets could deal a % of your maximum HP? [Works in Progress] (20)
Staff of a Departed Power [Items] (7)
Sword of Storms [Revamp] [Items] (9)
Assassin Ability Rework ( 2 3 ) [Works in Progress] (43)
Subtle Assassin Buff [Classes] (13)
Red mage wizard skin [Cosmetics] (2)
Iron Man Knight Skin WIP [Works in Progress] (6)
New Rotmg Class [Works in Progress] (8)
Pally ability rework [Ideas] (11)
Spectral Great Sword (MoTMG UT) [Items] (11)
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