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About the Ideas category [Ideas] (1)
The Sky Sanctuary, an Endgame Dungeon by Sturky ( 2 3 4 ) [Best of the Best] (66)
The Wayward Portal: A Realm Encounter [Dungeons & Enemies] (1)
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UT buffs - Hot Takes Part 2: Electric Boogaloo [Items] (12)
Tiered Spells Re-sprite [Cosmetics] (7)
Let us store SB Potions in the potion rack [Other] (8)
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Ray Katana Rework [Items] (5)
ELDER REALMS: An Endgame Idea by Puffagod ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ) [Best of the Best] (222)
The Merchant [Other] (5)
Item Idea: Spell of Galactic Deconstruction [Works in Progress] (5)
Alternative to the forge system [Other] (8)
Guild Kitchen/Garden! (Random Passing thought) [Works in Progress] (5)
Cursor Lock [In-game DPS output] [Other] (2)
More Stars; Class Ranks [Other] (11)
Modernized Realm (A different universe) [Works in Progress] (13)
Skull of Obliteration [Works in Progress] (11)
(New Skull) Skull of Putrid Pestilence [Items] (8)
(New Lute) Goldstrung Ivory [Items] (13)
(Lute, Quiver, and Trap Rework) Additional Status Effect for Bow [Works in Progress] (4)
Summoner ability (Mace of Celestial Callings) [Items] (8)
(New Trap) Enchanted Jelly Donut [Items] (4)
(New Scepter) Spectral Torchlight [Items] (13)
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Regarding the Oryx 3 "Crasher" problem, and how to fix it [Other] (12)
Angel Class ~ New Weapon, Ability and Status Effect ( 2 ) [Classes] (36)