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Crafting dungeon keys (7)
Add some true form of loot forgiveness ( 2 3 ) (42)
Improving the New Player Experience and making the game less grindy (8)
Break Bonus (In-game incentive for taking breaks) (8)
Make Rotmg a Non-MMO game[the idea of a new separate version of Rotmg which is not an mmo] ( 2 ) (26)
Trading center (3)
Why not have contents of bags shown without holding ctrl or hovering over it? (16)
Let us store SB Potions in the potion rack (10)
Make Character Slots Sellable (13)
My list of crappy ideas (11)
The Merchant (6)
Alternative to the forge system (9)
Cursor Lock [In-game DPS output] (3)
More Stars; Class Ranks (12)
Regarding the Oryx 3 "Crasher" problem, and how to fix it (13)
ST Forge (8)
Proposed Inspired Change(s) and Discussion (12)
Greater Mystery Stat Potions (9)
Hallucinating Change (8)
Combat Trigger Sound Effect (2)
The Alchemist should come back for potion making (3)
It would be nice to be able to gift people (14)
Remove UB rings from o3 drop table (20)
Pet Preview (7)
Option to hide chat bubbles while keeping chat on (4)
Enemy Spawn Eggs (6)
In combat duration discoverability (8)
Trading Market (with sprites, explanations, even a bit of lore) (4)
Update Realmeye Trading (3)
Interdimensional elder realms and the future of rotmg (5)