1 frame from death MonkaW


On a side note I’m pretty good at this game.


is it just me or i can’t see the gif


Bro realmeye will not let me upload gifs for some reason


Here’s the clip I had to upload it from streamable


Boi is this a trollololol post, or is your GIF uploading capabilities really just messed up?


reuploaded the gif since it wasn’t working


why and how does it work for you? > : ( I tried uploading the gif and it would be like uploading 98% and then just vanish and the gif wouldn’t be there. So I tried using streamable to share the clip but then it just works for like a day then yeets itself out of existence > : (


Do people not know how to do this phase? :c


Non-bullet hell experts be like


All you have to do is circle and hope the 160 damage shot hits someone else


Aw fuck I don’t have any of that.


This was my 3rd one lol I literally dont do events unless its shats/halls but I decided to try this weekend. I haven’t gone into a actual realm in like over a year.


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