10 year anniversary of Rotmg Build 100 (current map-generation) is today!


That’s all really, just found it interesting…



Thats cool, I hope we get something too


pentaract eyes were actually fairly deadly back then, and would spread out and catch people off guard
10 years is a long time since maps got a major overhaul, doesn’t really need much tweaking, but some of the set pieces that spawn in feel a bit out of place


@Phflack First post, huh? First like, too! :wink:

But yeah. I wish I had discovered this game back in the WS era, even if it wasn’t as advanced back then. It would have been more fun making the entire journey with the og players than coming in mid-Kabam era. <\3


Sometimes its still insanely mindboggling how long rotmg has been around. Im sure other games have been around longer but Rotmg always had a bigger impact for me so that length of time is quite shocking.


What I’d give for “Alex” to still be running the game…


Rob is making new game…


You’re not talking about Grid12 right? I’m assuming that fell apart but I never really continued monitoring… Also not sure if that was Rob or Alex’s game…


yeah alex made https://www.starbreak.com/


Oh wow! They’ve been busy… I actually liked grid12 a lot during testing. I’ll try the other ones too when available.


DECA gave us Oryx 3, stfu bruh


btw this Alex dude sounds like a cool dude to play w/ :]