13 days of headhunt bounty comments


“In order to participate, leave a comment on this blog post with your IGN and preferred Item with the format “IGN, Desired Item” (ex: Wotansson, Shield of Ogmur). One comment per account with ONLY this information.”
It’s been like three days and my comment still isn’t being shown on the blogpost.
I know it’s not a moderation thing because other comments that were made after mine have appeared.
The comment I left there isn’t in any of the ten pages of the 510 comments, I even made a second comment two days later, and that too I cannot find.


The deadline is some way off, and it is the weekend. There’s not even a need, technically, for them to show all the comments. They might always have some queued up waiting moderation, and when time runs out put both moderated and unmoderated into the database they use for selecting winners.

I don’t recommend posting a second comment. At best it will just be ignored; at worst they might eliminate anyone who posts more than comment. The instructions are clear that you should only post once.


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