16 * 16 Knight Skin - This is Definitely a Horse


If someone could make a GIF of this skin I would be eternally grateful (piskel wouldn’t let me load colors and was acting weird)

First Walking Animation

Second Walking Animation

First Attacking Animation

Second Attacking Animation


I don’t quite understand what’s going on in this sprite. It’s not very visually appealing at all.


i have no idea what that is?

looks more like a chicken but rather than a horse


I think…you meant it like this?


Blue - Helmet

Red - Horns?

Green - Shield or shoulder plate

Yellow - Some sort of horse helmet thingy?


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But the other foot also goes up for the walking animation.


Like this?


Sorry, I didn’t know which part was the horse and which part was the knight :sweat_smile:


Right now your sprite is only bouncing, not running


I see an animal and a Knight, but not the horse.

The animal I see is definitely this one:

Still like it. Maybe just making things more visible, like where Knight ends and starts the animal. Ah, and making like the animal is really running.


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