16x16 Sword Resprites Take 2 (part 3)


So, a while ago Did this: Just Some Epic Resprites That Maybe Someday Will Be Usable... {Sort of Retextures}
I was looking at those and realizing how far my spiriting skills have come, manly due to no longer using paint. Looking at that, I decided to remake the swords, along with doing the rest of them.
I know, some of them arent the best *cough stupid feather *cough but I think they turned out okay. I also didn’t make major changes to any of them, in fact I don’t think I touched the crystal sword.


Some of the swords look a bit too dark. Maybe you should brighten them up a bit.
Also the Skysplitter doesn’t look like the original.


I can’t tell what most of them are


I tried to give most of them a more metallic feel, so that’s part of why they are more so dark, but I see what you mean. I tried to keep a smaller color pallet, which is the reason things such as the blade of skysplitter, the hilt of divinity, and other things are off. The lore mentions how it was wielded by air elementals, and with that and wanting some more weapon diversity, I tried to make it a more magical, cool but unrealistic blade.

Sorry, I should have added some clarification there. There are left to right up and down in order from the swords page as follows:
MMace MMurderer
Crystal Sword
Ancient Stone Sword
Arcane Rapier
Pirate King’s Cutlass
Demon Blade
Sword of the Colossus
Acidic Slasher
Gaseous Glaive
Pixie-Enchanted Sword
Oryx’s Greatsword
Swashbuckler’s Sickle
Doctor Swordsworth
Unstable Anomonaly
Sword of the Rainbow’s End
Skull-Splitter Sword
Enchanted Ice Blade
Apocalypse Feather
Henchman’s Claymore
Keychain Cutlass
Silex’s Hammer
Sword of Illumination
Saint Nicolas’ Blade
Hammer Sword
Sword of the Mad God
Legacy Pixie-Enchanted Sword
Hellfire Broadsword
Eternal Graved Great Sword


oops i thought A.S.S. was vinegrape sword.

Just some feedback, all swords b4 acclaim look solid (if anything, just have the black outline around them, but that’s pretty hard to do if ur not using a software), but splendor has too much black on the blade. Maybe have it’s blade more similar to the csword (csword looks awesome btw). Same goes for Colo sowrd, i feel like there’s a bit too much black in there. I know ur goin for a metallic feel, but for the swords that have a white color pallet on the blade, try to add more white in there. Besides that, everything looks great (skull splitter, dblade, acclaim, acclaim reskin, archon, and skysplitter all look dope, just add the black outlines!!)


Ohh now that you said it I can see it! Just to clarify I thought that the sprites were good before, I just couldn’t tell what they were, wasn’t saying they were bad sprites, cus they arent


Black outline I normal do, just didn’t want to take the time for all of that. With splendor, I wanted to capture the almost reflective surface that the normal sprite has, but I’m not to good at that. With colo, I actually had it lighter before, but the dark gray added enough contrast to the sharp spine to the blade that I was trying to add. Thanks for the feedback though!


I’m not saying they aren’t good, because they are indeed quality sprites, but I’ve never been a fan of that style of shading.