2010 Legacy Server


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I think Nostalgia tinted sunglasses would soon come off

I also think we can give this a fair 0.01% chance


Why such a low chance


The chance? Zero. I doubt they’ve kept the client and server code around for nostalgic reasons (which were current two companies ago), and even if they have it would still need redoing in Unity. I.e. it would somewhere between a large amount of work and a massive amount of work. Then it would require them to maintain two sets of servers, two sets of clients. Twice as much work, and much harder to balance resources for. The game already has enough trouble balancing server + instance size.

And for what. So a few people can try it out only to be reminded why the game back then was so limited and slow to play? I .e. it would be a lot of effort for nothing, as there would very little demand for it.

Better to do what they are doing, balancing the game around its current state, for pets in particular. More status effects targeting pets and pet abilities, and now a dungeon that disables pets altogether, hopefully just the first dungeon like it.


Wasn’t damage-taking server-sided back then?
Nothing could save you if your internet burped, not even closing your game.


Pretty sure you’re talking about 2011-2012, not 2010.

No idea why you’d want a version of RotMG with even less stuff to do and even more broken shit.


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