3x (6x?!) DECA Ring Giveaway! (CLOSED)


Dear friends,

I have decided to do a Ring of Decades giveaway. It’s free to enter, and it only takes a few minutes. You just have to follow three simple steps.

Listen to these two songs (choose which one you like better).

Click Here to Listen to Bubble Tea

Click Here to Listen to Genesis

Subscribe to this channel and put a thumbs up on which video you liked better.
Click Here for Channel

Comment down below on this realmeye post with your YouTube username. Tell me which song you liked better. This is the most important step so I can know who entered.

That’s all!
On December 20th, 3 lucky winners will each receive a DECA ring. If you win the giveaway and you haven’t completed the three steps above, your prize will be given to someone else. Have fun and Good Luck! Thank you all for your time.


you again? I remember these lol
GL to all participating


im richie senpai on yt
i liked bubble tea the most but both are good songs, pretty relaxing


hey man i really like genesis i love piano music to begin with my youtube name is Darth Baiter


i really like bubble tea becuasee right from the get go its upbeat, and being a happy person, i like that :smiley: on youtube im still the same, shann ho :stuck_out_tongue:


lol yeah im back >.>
been super busy recently


doing music or something else?


Username: The Pathogen

Likes: Both songs were really well-written with their respective tones, pitches, and mood—I’m personally more of a pensive and laid-back person, so I chose to go Genesis.

Keep up the great music! I would love to hear more from your channel in the future c:


Username: Daniel Gao
I like Bubble Tea


Username: Elliott Chen
I like Bubble Tea :slight_smile:


Username: Joshua Louie
I like Bubble Tea


omg!!! 1!!!

now i know my dads true name!!!


Personally preferred Bubble Tea but still gave them both thumbs :slight_smile:
Username: Ahmad Sultan


Subbed, liked bubble tea better
Youtube Username: Cool Dood


Sure, sounds fun! WilliamBac is my name. Bubble tea is my game. (Sorry)


Username: Jerry7077
Liked Bubble tea better


legit tryinda ddos me :thinking:


lol he’s got the rhymes!


im egg on yt
really liked bubble tea!