3x (6x?!) DECA Ring Giveaway! (CLOSED)



IGN Moobattle on youtube and in realm


Ign: Flashmag and james
I think that genesis was better


Thank you so much for entering! Good Luck!


Andromeda Orion. Liked Genesis more, that energetic, happy, nostalgic feel just pours out in this piece, what an amazing composition.


b5trash, loved the intro to bubble tea, i quite liked it


Username: GalaxyStar91
I liked Bubble Tea more


Thank you for the nice comment and entering the giveaway. Good Luck!


EPICS ROTMG, i likked the bubble one because i like bubbles xddd ppe btw lel xd
S V M X R V I in game


ty for entering! good luck!


Jakfrmstatfarm/ Snapydappy
I liked bubble tea better


Thank you for entering! Good Luck!


Prefer bubble tea

Youtube name: VidManic864


Both sound good but Bubble Tea takes it for me.
User name @Emmurtragg


I like bubble tea better

Username: Ivan Hu


Yt Name : WaldBrezel
IGN: WaldBrezel
Ge Ne Si S is the better one, pretty chilled and you like chemistry :wink:


Haha >.> Thank you for entering! Good luck!


Yt: Pangkoi

I liked the genesis a bit more than bubble tea so chill


Devin Stathus Bubble tea


Nyxo on youtube, i liked Bubble Tea more


Username: David Watson
Fav: Genesis