3x (6x?!) DECA Ring Giveaway! (CLOSED)


Thank you for entering!


Thank you for entering!


Username : Adam Kulin
both pieces sounded very similar but were both great, however i found genesis to have that slight edge over bubble tea. There were some slight intonations which just tickled me the right way :smiley: awesome music keep it up


Thank you for the nice comment. Also, good luck!


They were both really good! Keep up the good work! My name on Youtube is A o E, and i enjoyed Bubble Tea more, it had this kind of vibe to it.


Thank you for entering! Good luck, and I’m glad you liked my songs! :slight_smile:


Oh haha you changed it. dwdw i changed your name on my spreadsheet


Thank you for the very nice comment! I will be posting soon. :slight_smile:


Thank you for entering!


Thank you for entering!


Thank you for entering!


Im “Al” on youtube!! I actually really liked “Bubble Tea”!


xsey xsey


Thank you for entering!


Does you replying to a comment mean that I’m entered into the giveaway? If so, I think you missed me.

My name is Bob Mine. (Old account, okay?) Bubble Tea was definitely my favorite. Great work!


Youtube: Nathan Perlman <–(not my actual name so don’t stalk/rape me plox)
I liked Bubble Tea better. I enjoy Japanese electronic lo-fi and this feels like a jazzy, piano like lo-fi song. The playful repetition reminds me of sipping boba with my friends at a cafe playing connect 4 and I genuinely like it a lot. I remember that other giveaway you did involving this song and it remains my favorite! Keep making music :wink: .


Im Prodalus :3 with a duck holding a knife profile pic.
liked bubble tea better more relaxing and calm


I liked Bubble tea better than genesis but they’re both amazing. Both super chill songs.
YouTube: Cole


Oh, me replying doesn’t mean you’re entered. I just want to thank everyone who took the time to enter the giveaway! :slight_smile:


Haha I like your profile pic x.x Thank you for entering!