3x (6x?!) DECA Ring Giveaway! (CLOSED)


Thank you for the nice comment! Also, good luck in the giveaway!


YouTube Username : Dylan86401
I liked Bubble Tea better but both songs were really good!!!


Bubble Tea was better ofc, btw YouTube name is zwrboo


Thank you for entering!


Thank you for entering!


:smiley: What time will you be selecting? Hope it’s me :stuck_out_tongue:


I will be selecting today at midnight EST. Tell all your friends while you still have the chance!


how will we know if we won?


okay :slight_smile:


I’ll reply in this thread with the winners. and ill @ yall


ok ty I hope I win cause im poor af and gl to everyone!


haha XD gl!


username AnsFay likes both


Hi!, Im Tarek Safa on YT
I liked bubble tea more, thanks for the giveaway!


YT: Nick Sclafani
i liked bubble tea better, easy chill grinding vibe.


Yt Name: Matheus Menon

Rotmg Nick: Menonm

Song: bubble Tea


My youtube username is Kurt Bryan sarabia ign is Kidnoob i like the Bubble tea song AND I HAVE SUBSCRIBED


Theinsidepaper on youtube; Both were good but bubble tea was better to me The piano on bubble tea was on point but you could hold out the notes to the ends of the phrases in some parts, it might make it even better


Here are the winners!
Sorry it kinda took me a while to get the list.
People who entered:

Winner 1:

Winner 2:

Winner 3:

Winner 4:

Winner 5:

Winner 6:

As you can see, there were 6 winners. When I was choosing winners, I kinda felt bad that I would be disappointing so many people. So I decided to disappoint less people. <.< The six winners will each receive one Deca ring.

If you won…
Please message me on realmeye. We can find a time to meet in-game so you can redeem your prize.
@Pangkooooi @Emmurtragg @Prodalus @SVMXRVI @guywhoserealmeyewasntworking @Kolpp

If you didn’t win…
I’m sorry :frowning:, and good luck next time!

Hope you all have a great holiday season!


Will you re-roll if someone doest claim?