3x (6x?!) DECA Ring Giveaway! (CLOSED)


Mad nice Bubble Tea


i like bubble tea more




I Won whats ur IGN and can we get a time and place?


My IGN is LamChopss.


wow nothing before slot 10 much rigged /s


T^T Stop making me feel bad :cactus:


Hello Lam, I was a winner of this giveaway. Hearing and discovering a new youtuber’s beautiful piano music was enough for me, I won’t be claiming any prize. Thank you anyways, I look forward to hearing more music. I really believe that your pieces will get you somewhere, they are amazing and sound like a real professional crafted them. Before you know it, you’ll be the next Lucas King :wink:

-Kolpp (you can re-roll my slot if you chose to do so.)


omgomgomg u r too kind T^T </3
if you can think of anyone, you can choose someone and ill give them a prize.
thank you so much for the kind comment, it really made my day <3


will there be a royalty free music giveaway?


hmm what does that mean?


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