48 hours later: the Oryx's Sanctuary "Just Dodge" Death-o-graphic!


Copy of a Reddit Deca post from 3 days ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/RotMG/comments/hx2h1c/48_hours_later_the_oryxs_sanctuary_just_dodge/

Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20

O3 out here with the 30.8 K:D


If anyone wants more current stats or some more detailed data (items lost, classes killed, etc.), a while back @Specula made a cool death statistics site that has a bunch of graphs.

Some of my favorite o3 stats from oryxswealth

this one below is specific to characters killed by o3. I understand why people are bringing lots of pallys and priests, but why so many warriors?

These numbers are the kills from the entire past month, and o3 is still #3 (if you add up o3 and o3 oryx portal deaths)


Now that’s a lot of dudes getting oofed within 48 hrs after O3 release.


Super high DPS + naturally good regen.
You may see it slowly shift to more balanced cores once people realize O3’s various phases aren’t all too kind to melees.


Imagine being that poor fool who died to a Messenger of Envy


I don’t envy him hehe


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