5-year OG looking for a decent USNW/USW Guild


A Quick Overview

Hi there! My name is Farlost.
I’ve been playing rotmg off and on for about 5 years now, and I took a break there for a little bit. The guild that I was a part of was very, very inactive, and I actually had taken a break from rot for about 4 months,mainly due to stuff that happened offline that left me without a functioning computer. Well, I’m back now, and my old guild no longer suits me.
basically, since I don’t exclusively play rotmg I haven’t gotten all of the characters unlocked, even after 5 years. I mainly play necromancer at the moment, though I am working on trying out the other classes one by one.
at this point, I’d like to try to get into the game more, as my other games have grown increasingly boring. that’s why I’m looking for a good guild to make some friends to play the game with. hopefully, someone goes ahead and extends me an invite(lol.)
my main issue is that I actually play really late at night, because I have a job that has me working decently late. I’m currently in the MDT time zone, but am more used to looking at the pacific time zone clock rather than my normal time.
I’m currently working on getting all my classes unlocked so that I can have at least more than a basic light blue star. I’m actually decent at the game and prefer long range over short range, though I can use the short ranged classes if need be.
I just thought that i’d mention this; I happen to be a small time multi-platfrom streamer, and if I get invited to a guild I would be happy to advertise for said guild during my stream. I normally stream to twitch, youtube and mixer, and I go by the name Alricreeper. if you’d like to invite me to your guild, you can either send me a message or reply to this post. I won’t keep you any longer, and thanks for reading!

Sincerely, Farlost


If you’re available in 4 hours when I get off work I’ll invite you


Erm. Just a warning, due to so many servers being uninhabited nowdays, guilds just sort of migrate wherever the playercount is good.


I actually have work myself at the moment, I just got off and home about 10 minutes ago lol, also I’ll take a look at your guild later on when I have time. there is a possibility that I may be picked up by one of the higher ranked guilds, I’ll let you know what happens.


Bruh you’re a light blue star though…


He might be an alt, for example @GammaGamer is a light bluestar but his rotmg acc is redstar.






Darn, you haven’t ahem played for so long that I forgot what color star you were. Maybe if you played that would refresh my memory…


Nah, I have too much work to do. Whenever I actually have free time, I get caught up in Hypixel (or waste a few minutes in these Forums). I logged on today if that makes you feel better lol :smile:

i’ll restart my ppe thread soon ¯_(ツ)_/¯


gammagamer give me your hypixel forums tag rn(unless you dont use hypixel forums)
also ill friend you on hypixel and follow you on hypixel forums


Nah, I don’t do Hypixel forums. I could, though. :slight_smile:


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