5 year rotmg anniversary party!


Pretty much the title. I’ll start off the event with a few wlab keys, and people are free to bring their own keys to keep it going. I’ll be giving pots away to whoever I feel like throughout, so please come even if you don’t feel like running dungeons!

This will be hosted on my 5 year anniversary in 9 days (Thursday, December 20th), on EUW, at 3:30 :clock330: EST.

Hope to see you there!


Pls change time. 3:30 est is 11:clock1030: pm


The time is perfect for me here. 10:30 AM for me


Congrats. I hit my 5 year back in September. Things were WAY different back in 2013.


when hardly anyone had divine pets and seeing one was practically like watching Jesus Christ himself descend from heaven


Divine pets are for losers tbh


This is going on right now btw, slight change of plans as I’m going to be farming ice shards, yall are free to join me as I’ll be giving away things throughout


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