50 - Recruiting


We are looking for members to rebuild our guild.


No skill reqs. Just need to be active in game and on discord.

How to apply:

Add me on discord: Warmth#5793
We will discuss then. Chow~!










please stop bumping your topic. to give you an idea of how little competition there is for eyes, your thread would still appear in the listing of “recent” guild threads even if you had never bumped.


I bump so that this thread appears on front page of realmeye. That’s why this thread have 400 views, compared to the low views on other recent** guild threads.


You keep putting it on the ‘unread’ list which is where many people look for new repliess etc, but you are adding nothing, so wasting the time of anyone looking at it. Perhaps this could be locked to end this waste of everyone’s time.


I just reply to my thread, I don’t know what is an “unread” list. Perhaps you can go mind your own business. :slight_smile:



stop aggressively bumping your thread, it’s annoying to other users and isn’t actually doing anything. final warning.