8/8 Pally died, what class should I play?


My first 8/8, A pally, just died with an oreo, and I’m not really sure what class I should make now. I have a 6/8 priest and a 6/8 necro that I can use to rebuild. I would be able to get them any tops and I have a couple UTs, that I can use, which I will show in this post.
I know I’m not specifying what kind of class I want, but I just want your opinions on what a good class to play would be now.

EDIT: I no longer have the rogue gear(The dagger, cloak or coral) due to a stupid error on my part. Though what I now have, is the sullen blade, a leaf dragon hide, and though I don’t have this right now, I have a cutlass (I dc’ed before picking it up and have evidence, sent an email to deca.)


I think you should make an archer or rogue. Alternatively you could make a warrior to fill that empty melee slot.


Well, I would try and rock that samurai personally because you got candy armor and a good katana, and the lesser dexterity wouldnt really affect you much


You have a good start-off set for a Rogue I would try that.


For the sake of variety, I’d throw in some melee-esque classes with your current priest and necro. Knight is always a safe bet, and doesn’t require UTs for it to be good (i.e. the classic blue set works fine).


Thats a vanity katana.
I would go with rogue


archer / huntress

easy farm gland and higher chance getting loot


I agree, @XODoonOX go for rogue, you have decent gear for it and it’s great for solo and rushing


Sky, mith, Abby, ubwis?




assasin, harle spirit dagger good




its para hp…



  Your egg


Sorry I mean this one, you’re right.





Build a wizard to test new UT spell


Could we get your pet levels? Your realmeye is private


Sorry, Just realised that. My pet isn’t that good, he has level 54 Heal and level 52 Mheal, though I’m thinking of buying the adventurers pack, which should level him up quite a bit.


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