8/8 Rogue Death (Drawing)


Have not post any drawings lately soo… here ya go, my 8/8 rogue death… I cry


Post your deaths here:

@moderators merge?


Its a fan art doe O_O


Hmm, I guess, but it’s also a memorial for a dead character, isn’t it?


I guess xD


No it’s art. If you create a video that includes a death, or write a fan fic of your death, those could go in this section as well, rather than merged to the death thread.

Also, nice drawing.




Why are his eyebrows over his hair lmao


cause his hair is long enough and that’s just a style choice when drawing anime styled character.


ty :smiley:


kinda like this, for example, :smiley: some make their eyebrows visible even when covered by the hair cause sometimes it looks better if you do it that way sometimes~


What did you use to draw that?


Paint Tool Sai - Good program for people that use mouse/tablet to draw :smiley: I use a mouse to draw doe :smile:


wtf how u draw so good with a mouse I can’t even draw a straight line…


you drew that with a mouse?

pretty damn impressive if you ask me! I thought you must have been using a stylus on a tablet


I see a lot of Kakashi.


You use the line tool or pen tool to create your lines :D, of course, you gotta plan it out where you put your lines, so making a foundation is really helpful :slight_smile:


Now this is kakashi

This guy is too scrawny to be kakashi :<


Ty for the compliment :smiley:


I’m still looking to buy some nice art like this with In game items :wink: @Qyuzu