8-year-old Account Realmeye Data Reset?


I recently regained access to a super old account I made when I first found the game, so I loaded it up. According to realmeye, it was a bit more than 8 years ago when the account was made and last seen, but it seems that by loading up again, the realmeye data was reset (showing that the account was just recently made), and the old fame history etc. no longer show.

There were no big problems with the account in game, the vault still had my beloved crystal skull from the forbidden jungle and my prized T8 mithril armor. The stars had been reset though, so it is now a knight with 0 stars (which I’m fairly certain is impossible?) as well as a character with an unknown character creation date.


Figured it might be interesting for someone to see. Anyone know if there is a way to restore the realmeye data?


Note, they got powercrept, meaning they don’t worth anything now (aside from that UT skull that can get sac’ed for other UT’s (not to S(S) though) ).

Not possible IMO.


Don’t see why 0 stars is impossible. You need more alive fame for every class quest, and pretty much everyone lost stars when it happened. It also seems to ignore any chars older then a few months before the change, which probably means all of yours other than that Knight. It was also a bit buggy for some people with existing chars, which might also be affecting your Knight.

Surprised an 8 year old account is still accessible as inactive accounts were deleted 6 years ago. Maybe you logged in around then to ensure the account migrated.


The reason it is impossible is that to unlock knight you must get level 20 on warrior, necessarily getting you at least one star. Pretty neat! @op have fun with your new (old) account!


That does not follow. Getting to level 20 does not automatically get you 20 fame. Normally 20+ dead fame yes as bonuses normally take you over, but if you stop playing just as you reach level 20 your fame is often just below 20.


account date being like that is just any character made before deca’s fame changes (either they buffed fame for mid tier dungeons to be in line with stuff like parasite/ice cave or when fame bonuses were changed, i’m not too sure)

couldn’t you use to buy character unlocks for gold?


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