9 Days of Reconstruction: Some Stats


Originally posted on the official site on October 2nd:

It’s been a little over a week since we kickstarted Month of the Mad God: Reconstruction! Plenty of content came right off the bat, including Vital Combat, Exaltations, several completely remade dungeons, and a free campaign for the realm’s most diligent builders! While we continue working on the second part of MotMG and beyond, we wanted to use today’s short blog to show off some interesting statistics from the first 9 days of activities. Please enjoy!

What do you think this data will look like by the end of the month?

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More delicious data! Some of those people are booking it with the exaltation progression. :no_mouth:


spider den is so hard to find now i cant just kill a local urgle to get one…


I have to go hunt those little red spider craps


Dang, that equals to over 7 years of In Combat. That’s a long time.