A actual end game dungeon with rare asf ut's?


So obv. Lost Halls is supposed to be an insanely hard endgame dungeon but a source of amazing loot… but its become an easily farmed dungeon. You can usually fit like 100+ people in a lh and clear it and do a void run usually in 20 minutes or less. People die every now and then to bad mistakes or a spooky boi, thats about it. What I would like is a new dungeon that has rare ut’s every single one as rare or rarer then Omni, a good source of life only, and a dungeon limit of 40, so you don’t have 100 priests and paladins. I mean cmon Deca make it hard :frowning:




Excuse me HP SCALE?

I barely get any of these unless Im doing a speedrun.

LH is a bad source for life pots (inb4 2 mana), I’d rather solo tomb.

You know where people die every now and then to bad mistakes?

Literally everywhere else.





Tl;dr :
Realm is a non-skill requiring game. If you want something harder go play Touhou like me or something


ew tohou


wait is that on steam? I dont have steam :C


People will always find ways to make dungeons easier, LH was really hard when it first came out but as it’s aged people just became better at it, the only way you can make what you’re asking is for nobody to know anything about the dungeon, as soon as people figure the dungeon out anything and everything will be exploited to make the dungeon easier.


Put into #ideas:wip


I mean its not really an idea, though, with some discussion it could be at community hub


It most definitely is an idea, just not very fleshed out. Hence, wip.


All the whites that drop from void have a 1/5th chance of dropping, so technically omni isn’t rare at all


quite possibly the stupidest thing i have read in these forums


lol exactly.


Excuse me, wtf


why the hell would you say a omni isnt rare and its and equal chance. Please explain to me YOUR REASONING LMAO


Use it sparingly and carefully. Being a rare drop from the hardest boss of the hardest dungeon in the game, this is arguably one of the rarest items in the game, and is very hard to get back if lost. Copied right from the realmeye wiki.


okay, so i didnt play when lh originally came out.

But apparently the dungeon was just designed to kill you. Of course the players complained about all this and so it was eventually changed to less annoying and probably easier.

its not he is making so the dungeon so i wouldve thrown it into community hub.

he probably did like 5 and got one.


Halls was never really “hard”, even in 1.0

That being said, it’s very vard to make a hard dungeon in a permadeath game because it’s a very fine line between forcing players to dodge and learn to deal with complex enemies vs bullshit instakills and ultra deadly shot patterns. Halls is easy enough that one could learn to hang back and do cults in a couple days, which is obviously not ideal for an endgame dungeon, but for a permadeath game it can’t be a super dangerous risky experience.


yeah this one is pretty easy. learned the cult like after 2 times and void after like 3-4 times. surprisingly took me like 15+ for both defender and troom to learn how not to drop to 200.

bu honestly i dont think you could do one for the community since they would just rage that its too hard and spam deca about “unfair” deaths.


i find troom pretty easy but defender to be really hard. maybe its cause i dont have a pet?