A actual end game dungeon with rare asf ut's?



when lh can be done petless casually by a dark blue star…
but i mean you should be able to. be a melee dodge the shots, then sit on marble seal and tank, your priests should heal you.


Lol so you yourself say LH is hard now. If by what you say yourself, then @Shzzam’s logic is true. You say the dungeon is easily farmable and that no one dies which doesn’t make any sense with what you just posted. Quite hypocritical if you think about it…

@ArexRew @Xultrix They are mutually exclusive events and he’s saying whites have a 1/5 chance of dropping. If you dont know what that means then don’t say his judgement is false. They are correct in statistical terms. The only area they are wrong is the probability of getting a white. Its more of 1/20 chance than 1/5. But saying drops rates as higher than they are isn’t “stupid”.

And for those who think omni is rare, it’s technically not. If you brought LHs down to the level of a UDL and ran the two 1000 times each, you would get far more omnis than dbows. The only reason why it’s considered “rare” is because of the factors surrounding LH. First off, LHs are harder to come by. If you wanted to do a LH you could either spend 3 bucks, farm a sentry, or wait for a discord, all which require at least 3 times more time in many cases(except for buying the key) than it takes to complete an entire UDL. This doesn’t even take into consideration the time it takes to do one. On average it probably takes a good 20 minutes just to finish colo, and maybe 5 more minutes for void. In that time you couldve done at least 15 UDLs. And of course LH is harder and has more situations where you can die or have to nexus.

So by that logic, @Shzzam is correct when they says “technically omni isn’t rare at all.” And of course you can’t twist their words. They specifically said Technically. And with that logic, they are by all means correct.


ayy a fellow touhou player


im actually red star (just too lazy to log in to forum again) and i meant a good pet. kinda forgot to write it in there lol
But dont the arrows cause silenced so priests cant heal?


they can. there is a brief moment right before the next bullet hits that the silence comes off.
and im pretty sure i get heals, at least in the public lh group.


Im considering playing touhou wich one do you suggest?


If you are starting I would say start with something like 7(I started with 7).
Wouldn’t recommend 9 or 10, a bit hard (trying to beat 10 RN)
versions older than 6 are… ehh…
haven’t tried anything above 11 yet


Who had a stroke here, me or scorch?


How to make an actual end-game dungeon/Make Lost Halls harder:
nerf pet hp heal by a little.
Thats all it takes. Now RotMG is somewhat harder!


Oh boi, where do i start?..

He’s not saying that the dungeon is hard, he literally said it was taken from the wikia. And he’s right.
The dungeon atm is easy and also one of the hardest in the game. It talks more about the general dificulty of the game itself rather than the dungeon (And btw, the reason LH is so ‘‘easy’’ is because the pattern of the dungeon is known. Any dungeon is hard until that pattern is discovered and a strats are made to counter that dificulty, there’s a reason melees are so asked for in discords).

That’s not only a fallacy, but you’re twisting the whole argument. The rates of whites aren’t correlated by the bag holding the items, but the color of the bag is determined by the item with the highest rarity in it, you can even get more than one white in the same bag, there are cases with up to 3 whites in the same bag. Each item has it’s own % of drop, and since DECA has NOT given us the drop rates of the items, you cannot prove that the rate of each Void white is exactly the same as the others (It’s clear that in other dungs the rates aren’t the same.
Dbow or Bulwark is a LOT rarer than the likes of pwalker or Dblade). This means that Omni may be more or less rare than other Void Whites, and also, he’s saying that Omni’s rate is 1/5, not even 1/5 within the white bags, so that argument has it’s basis completely twisted.

Duh, the ‘‘factors surrounding LH’’ contributes to the fact that Omni is rare. Dbow having lower % rate doesn’t mean that Omni isn’t rare, but the reasons of its rarity are different. In fact, if someone gets an Omni every 5 runs in a run of 100+ ppl it MEANS that Omni is rare, you have 1 person getting the omni in a huge sample of ‘‘spins in the rng’’. By your analogy you should rather compare 100 persons doing 15 runs of UDL, 5 times, than your watered-down comparison.

And even if Dbow is rarer than Omni, that doesn’t stop Omni from being one of the rarest items in the game. The point of LH being farmeable isn’t considerable since every dungeon of the game is farmeable, and it should stay that way (ofc not considering limited one, tho they are also farmeable during their duration). Even if a dungeon was super rate to get and super hard to complete, it’s still farmeable, even if it takes a lot of sacrifice.

It seems you interpreted @Shzzam ‘s post as you wished, when he literally said that the rate of Omni is 1/5, when that’s outrageous enough for us to react that way.

PD: THIS IS NOT AN ARGUMENT, just pointing out why I reacted that way to his post:

  • “Excuse me, wtf” is a meme, of a pic of a dog with a text saying exactly that (too lazy to upload it)
  • As for why I reacted that way to his post: It took me around 220 Voids to get my first Void white, and it wasn’t even a Omni, but a Nil


Given the amount of time and testing that went into making LH, I doubt we will have another endgame dungeon surpassing LH any time soon.

I will say that one way to reduce exploiting weakness is to add more irregularity. Safe spots don’t work when there is no pattern or the pattern is designed in such a way that you have to dodge, like the confuses (unstables?) surrounding avatar that sweep back and forth. Of course, people will say MBC solves this with its rotating fire as well, but that can be overcome with raw healing. This can be fixed with sickness. I’m just saying that there are alternatives that can add chaos to an otherwise pretty procedural dungeon.


Wow, I haven’t been on the forums for a while, and I never meant to start any of this
I agree, omni is in fact difficult to obtain, however, @Xultrix , I never outright said that omni has a 1/5 chance of dropping whenever you get a white bag, all i intended was that whenever you get a white bag in void, there’s a chance for one of the five whites able to be dropped to be in the bag. What you get is all rng based.