A Beginner Guide to Common Scam Techniques


So as a player who likes to hang out in the trade server a lot, I have been seeing multiple occasions of players getting scammed each day. After an attempted scam by a white star (no picture no proof, so I won’t post name), I thought it could worth a couple minutes of my time to lay out a few common scam techniques.

  1. Deselect: most basic technique in which a player unclicks his offer, making you give him goods for free. Some players will also private message you a big blob of text to distract you. Very easy to deal with with a little patience. You can never go wrong with double-checking before clicking “accept”.

    1.5 Similar items: going along the idea of patience, scammers can use similar-looking items to deceive you (para hp vs exa hp, wis vs life, etc…). I find it useful to turn on tier level in the setting, but hovering you mouse over the selected items should always do the job.

  2. “Trust”: scammers offer a juicy reward for “trusting them with an item”. Don’t believe them kids, this is not how you build trust.

  3. Game: Typically found on the far left or right of the trading platform, these scammers hope to lure you to play a game for a chance to win a big price. They might have mules to support their credibility, but no, just stay away.

  4. Multi-window Trade: very common when dealing with valuables like DECA (typically sold for 9 life pots). Scammers will ask for some of your payments first, then just leave. Keep in mind that some honest traders also ask for multi-window trades, so players selling goods for more than 8 slots of payment are not necessarily scammers. How I usually deal with this issue is to try to compensate with items (like 7 life + Elvish or something). A scammer usually just leaves at this point.

  5. Key Popper: basically, a scammer takes his payment to pop a key and does not do so. A seemingly obvious solution is to pay after pop, but the scam can really go either way. There really isn’t much you can do except to be aware that a scam is possible and proceed with caution.

I know these techniques are fairly basic and probably well-aware by experienced players. However, I do hope that this post can save a few newer players from getting scammed in the future. Suggestions, comments, and criticisms are welcomed.


Another one, which happened to myself, is a bait-and-switch kinda thing.

Scammer: Shows me an exa hp in their inventory, then cancels the trade. Says, “I’ll sell it for a mana”
Me: Sends them a trade offer, excited about getting a good deal
Scammer: Swaps the exa hp for a para hp that they’re wearing, then opens the trade window
Me: Accepts the offer, then realizes it’s a para hp :expressionless:

Lesson learned? Always pay careful attention to your trades - a quick scan of the items isn’t enough sometimes.


teaching how to scam 101


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what about the uncommon scam techniques ? ? ?


Well generally the “common” scam techniques are the ones that work the best. There had been a few absurd attempts I have encountered but I don’t think they are worth the read due to their obviousness.


Like if you get the joke


Free armor trimming.


What is funny is, one of my longest friends ever @OxKaiserxO and I met because of #2. I remember when he joined our guild he “trusted” me with his st mystic set(it was a really big deal for him back then because he was a poor red star boi) and our friendship was really set in stone when i gave it back.

Just note its a silly thing to do to trust people, Jaiser is just special and I don’t scam

GL :slight_smile:


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I dont remember getting a reward for trusting you with an st set. xP


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