A Cuband Story


You know about the Cuband ?
Pretty nice ST ring that drops from the Sprite World, a part of the “cubic necromancer” set.
+80 HP, +5 Dex, a reactive proc that heal you 100Hp every 20s in combat.
Solid, good stuff before getting to more useful, specialized rings or if one struggle with staying alive in exalt dungeons.

I think it’s pretty neat ! I usually try to get it on my robe and hide classes pretty early.
I usually just drop it while I’m farming for their dex, or by doing 20/40 more sprite worlds.
It’s a cool dungeon too, quick, nice design, fun boss.

I recently made a trickster, and I’ve been playing with the Queen’s Stinger. The lack of range is giving me some pretty complicated moments, and I’m struggling sometimes to keep up with damages.
And so, I decided that a Cuband would be a nice thing to replace my Ring of the Pyramid. So let’s go farm some Sprite World ! What’s the worst that could happen ?

Remember when I said that it usually take me 20/40 dungeons to get one ?
This time, it took 384 Sprite Worlds.
I had to kill Limon Three hundred eighty fucking four times.
I saw more bright pixels than should be legally allowed.
Killed baby sprites to the point of being desensitized to their cries of suffering.
Members of my guild are currently searching to lock me up in the Lost Halls before I cause more death and destruction in the wake of my travel in the astral dimension.
8 Planeswalkers. 6 Extreme Prejudice. 3 Celestial Forest.
5 blueprint of the forest, 1 blueprint of the Celestial Forest.
1 incantation
1 Pet Skin of Limon (I swear she’s taunting me)
1 Cuband.

To whom has the drop rate of this item, please, calculate the probability that this event happens only after 384 tries. I know you won’t be able to tell me, but someone has to know.
In the meantime, if it has a 1% drop, there’s only a 2% chances that no cuband drops after so long.
It’s insane. It actually worries me about dropping some other items. This was only “bareable” because Sprite World can be done in a handful of seconds.

I’m now going to hug my hard-earn Cuband while petting my small Limon and crying under the shower for these hours of my life I will never get back. I was interested to get the whole acidic assassin set, but if a single item takes so long, I’ll be dead before I complete it. Guess I’ll be visiting Stheno a handful of times…

See you soon in the Realm.


Sebchoof gets one on every HPE LOL


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