A few questions about entropy


I have a few questions about the entropy :

  1. If you remove and then replace your entropy/alien armor, will the timer removes ?

  2. Is it worth keeping the full alien set with entropy on a 8/8 puri priest ?

  3. Entropy with the full alien set (i have reskin crystal wand) or with soulless + deca ?

  1. I’m not sure but I think it’s not
  2. Yes
  3. Fallen wand is better than cwand so you might need fwand to boost your dps with entropy. When you encounter situation where there is a lot of mob like gland for example, it’s better to use t12 wand along with soulless+deca. Entropy is basically a better omni with restriction.


Nail it, i just fkin died to lag with my priest due to lag + para…


Oof I hope you don’t mean THAT priest




Restriction is quite huge, but worthwhile nonetheless.

I think it will be best on classes like warrior, still haven’t got it to test it out myself. Will do in a few days.


I would keep a wand swapout like recomp or evocation for the pierce through enemies as the other 2 don’t do that. Crystal wand is like borderline useless when you have fallen wand alien reskin but the firerate helps but in most cases when you would think about swapping to cwand for the fire rate to kill enemies you would have benefited more from just lining them up and using recomp/evocation. Pretty much same thing xRyuzaki said

imo the class that really gets the most value out of entropy is samurai as it benefits from the def buff more than knight and paladin and the mana buff is better on samurai than warrior (this depends on your mheal) but it is still insanely good on anything and kinda just comes down to what you enjoy playing. And Samurai doesnt lose out on those bonus stats that a robe/leather class would have if you weren’t using entropy so it really has no negatives besides when you would want to swap to Celestial blade if you had it for the dps

The timer I have no clue though It is hard to notice tbh


I agree 100% sir, so far I’m liking it best on warrior.


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