A good ol giveaway (ENDED)


It is a bit late, having missed Christmas by more than a week, but my vault is looking a bit chunky with random garbage I don’t necessarily want! Because of it, I’ll be giving away 8 items from my vault!

2 Decas
Splendor + Wand of Evocation
Murky Toxin + Legacy Etherite + Dueling Daggers

To enter, all you have to do is throw a comment below and put whether you think I should giveaway the items to 4 seperate people split as shown above or give all 8 items to one person. I’ll tally the votes in one weeks time and give away the items! Good luck! (assuming people still use forum :smiley: )


There are good reasons to do it either way, but honestly trying to hunt down 4 people and coordinate a trade sounds like a lot more work than just giving them all to one person.

+1 vote for giving all items to one person.


Definitely split it up! Given that your vault is smushed full, other players clearly might have a similar problem. Spreading it out makes sure that everyone gets a nice gift and has enough space to enjoy it


Splitting it up is better so that more people can get stuff :smiley:


+1 to splitting it up, just want to up my chances :slight_smile:


give all to one


hard agree with most people above me, split between four people so you don’t pass one burden to another person


Very nice of you


Happy holidays!

+1 to splitting.


split :smiley:


I think you should give items to 4 persons 4️⃣


Very kind of you!
Merry festivities to y’all.
+1 to splitting


+1 vote for giving it to 1 person


Hi I think splitting would be better as more people would get items


Happy holidays! Thank you for doing a giveaway! +1 split


+1 for splitting :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t want to track four people down, so I’d say one very lucky winner.
Thanks for the giveaway and good luck.


Shatter has conniptions


This guy said he wouldnt want to track down 4 people and i feel that so thats my vote too is all to one


If it improves my chances def split it up :rofl::rofl: