A good ol giveaway (ENDED)


all to one person


Heyo! It’s your old old guildie here lmao. Can’t wait to enter into another giveaway by Leohe

Im down for whichever honestly. so don’t count my vote on how to split the loot


split! share the love


4 separate people :slight_smile:


Hey there, I think you should give it to 4 seperate players beacuse, I think the top players wont enter this giveaway and average players are happy even with 1/4 of that, so make more people happy!!
+1 vote to 4 seperate players.


4 separate people


give it all to one person, easier that way


splitting it up sounds like a good idea


This Is awesome! Thank you! Happy New Year!
I vote for splitting it up as well :slight_smile:


Hey, it would be incredible. I vote for a split up too !


split it to multiple people :wink:


Very nice of you and +1 for giving it all to just 1 person


hi and please split because that’s 4x the chance for me winning B)


+1 for splitting it :slight_smile:
Happy New Year!


Split it up :slight_smile:


Split for sure!


Split won by a long shot!

@Mathician 2 decas
@Krxbbi Pixie
@Umele Splendor + wand
@Lsuvsadbvl Murky Toxin + Legacy Etherite + Dueling Daggers

obviously its possible some of you got something you don’t neccessairly want. If you would like for me to re give it away, just tell me. To contact me, you can just give me a reply here telling me when you’re available or shoot me a dm in game. I’ll be online a good amount of the day once the no rune event begins



Pixie also given out. no screenshot cause I needed to make it to an o3

he said ty. basically proof


Congrats @Mathician!