A Mathematical Approach to Pet Levelling


So from what I can gather from this, if I wanted to go for a 100/100/100 pet, the most efficient way (in terms of feed power) to get that would be to fuse two 90/x/x pets, and the least efficient way would be to fuse two 90/90/90 pets? How interesting. Thank you for this by the way! It looks like a lot of effort went into it and it looks amazing. (Sorry about the necrobump)


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Imagine being so smart you could calculate a mathematical approach to pet leveling

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Sorry for bumping. So does this mean I can fuse a 70/70 rare with a 50/xx rare to get a 90/90 legendary max cap?


No. Max level is the average of the first ability of your two pets plus 20. In your case, it would be ((70+50)/2)+20 = 80.


I means you can fuse two pets with 70/xx and 70/yy to get a pet with 90/90/90 as cap. If the first ability level on either pet is below 70, it won’t be the max possible strength.


Interesting, what’s the simplest way though?


When fusing to leg when looking for a 90/90/x pet, 70/70 is better.

When fusing to leg when looking for a 90/90/90 pet, 70/70 is fame efficient while 70/x is fp efficient.



Just a question but would i be short of a 100/100/100 pet if one of my legends has a max of 90 and the other a max of 89?


yes, you need two leg pets with max 90 at lvl 90 on both in order to get a divine with max 100.

also holy necro


so would that mean that if i did fuse it he would end up at 99 max?