A Petless Solo Fungal Cavern run


Terrified of what you see, in a bad way?

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Skip to 14:36 for the boss.

As for my retrospective on how the boss fight went (NOT how it’s balanced), here’s whats up:

In general, for each of those phases (when petless at least), it is extremely important you find a way to progress sustainably: being able to lower the boss’ health while netting at least a gain of 0 Health yourself. In the last few phases the opposite is true: Damage race that lad all you can!

The first phase is a pretty free cheese: The boss doesn’t want to move if you’re too far away from it. This leaves the segments easily vulnerable. It even let me regenerate health without any effort required!

There’s not much more to do than stay in front of the head while you pick off the first wave of segments, to spawn the center head (Crystal Worm Father).

This giant head is… A huge pain all around. A crystal sword would’ve helped me greatly, but i don’t think I would be able to take it down without running out of my measly 800hp @130 loss per hit.

After trying a couple of different approaches (both in this run and in the 2 previous ones which died at that phase and the one with yellow shots) , I’ve found that going counterclockwise at the edge is the most reliable way to maintain your HP in the phase:

You get to dodge at (relative) ease while moving WITH the worm keeps his additional 2 shots away from your health pool. Just taking those projectiles out of the equation was enough to make the phase something I’d say I can reliably do.

The leadup to the next fight after the head is downed is quite similar to the leadup to the head: Just stay in front of the boss and shoot backwards, no biggie.

The Crystal Worm Child is quite a different beast to deal with. In this run, execution wasn’t very good save for the very last phase, though at that point most of my HP was already spent.

Comparing this run with one that made it this far (but failed slightly after), in the failed one the run the child went much better: I see now that a better way of dealing with this phase is (counterintuitively?) keeping the child near the boss: This lets you resume your normal ‘movement’ with the boss where you stay slightly in front of the head. You add slight variance to your inward/outward movements to briefly expose child segments to damage. Pity I didn’t think of that during this run, but I lived!

Shortly after the child goes down the boss goes in a sort of frenzy where it speeds up a LOT and shoots yellow projectiles. I have yet to find out a sustainable way to dodge this phase: If I stay near the front of the boss, safe from segment projectiles, my 50SPD cannot keep up with the boss and I will be run over. If I go closer inward I appear to get shot up with segment projectiles which all tend to go denser towards the center.

My hamfisted solution to unsustainability is the Warrior way! “Just have more DPS”. And having DPS I did. I began drinking MP pots to stay speedy and keep up with the boss, while frantically destroying segments to the best of my ability to end the phase beefore it ended me. This worked quite well.

The last phase (150 armor pierce, only back segment remains) Also doesnt feel quite sustainable yet. There must be a way to drag the worm around that lets me slip between the 150 dmg projectiles reliably, though I can’t reliably make it happen yet. DPS solved my problems once again.

The very last phase is much like this, and DPS was the answer. I tank a couple of his shots, he tanks my 10k+ DPS and dies before I do. And then the boss died!

All in all, warrior is probably not the best petless class for this, given his difficulty to damage the boss, despite his tremendous DPS

Other characters for which mileage may vary (in petless runs) I suspect are:

Priest (quiet is sparse here and you can probably avoid it all, plus speedy for that one phase)
Paladin (Warrior with less DPS and a lot more heals, slightly better base spd)
Sorc (75 vit + huge range character)

Unfortunately public testing is currently quite limited when it comes to consumable and UT options: Crystal Sword turns tides. Rings with some speed on them would be great. Consumables save lives. None of these are available currently :stuck_out_tongue:


It is still kinda hard with a divine pet.
im a noob ok


Looks like a bunch of the projectile sprites are borrowed


Always a pleasure reading your walls and watching you figure it out as you play, impressive stuff :^)


Wow incredible game play… I can’t wait until a drop table is revealed.


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