A Petless Solo of the "Abandoned Mineshaft": Encounter to Fungal to Crystal in one go



0:00 Introduction
0:40 Encounter Start
6:00 Crystal Worm Mother [Encounter]
8:15 Fungal Cavern [Clearing]
20:10 Fungal Cavern [Boss]
26:40 Crystal Cavern [Clearing]
43:25 Crystal Cavern [Boss, Guardians]
47:30 Crystal Cavern [Boss, Final Phase]

Original, Unedited time of run: 57m46s

This one took a little longer to prepare for uploading, because I edited some parts more heavily relative to my other work.

I think it has improved the quality of the video, but if you are annoyed by something do tell so I can improve!

– If you are unreasonably annoyed by it, here’s a link to the (unlisted) version of the video with no editing

It also had an additional 24hrs of delay due to Youtube Content ID having an aneurysm.
It blocked the upload worldwide for audio from an artist I’ve used many times beefore.

When I uploaded just this same audio on a still image, nothing got blocked.
Content ID still recognized I used this audio, but this time no blockage.

I reuploaded this multiple times (@1hr each) to isolate the cause of the block. Seems to be if I credit it in the description?
Note that it couldn’t bee a manual claim, as it’s been “unlisted” with 0 views every time.

I contacted the original artist of the music to ask if he had a different content policy than I thought he had (can use, cannot monetize),
and if YouTube had somehow failed to detect me every time besides for this video.

He’s currently looking into this with his licensing company (Creative Music Group).

Long story short, if it says the video is unavailable to you, let me know. Youtube is being inconsistent & wonky.
I’m rendering a version that replaces this audio currently, intended for uploading if I get blocked again.
After that i’ll probably find a nice bridge to jump off. This has been a very confusing experience.


Due to my rambling on YT content ID in this post i’ll keep this short.
Check the video description for a longer edition.

All in all the run went great.
Getting to solo the encounter was a major pain and due to requiring multiple attempts this run took 6+ hours to arrange.

The Crystal Worm Mother went better than expected, and allowed me to have more of a buffer for failure further down the line.

The final phase of the Crystal Entity went godawful, and the extra bit of heals remaining saved the run.

Being the final part of the run, I was experiencing some pressure to finish it off.
This shows by way of a few minor mistakes in this phase until about the halfway point.
at that moment, I rapidly took stacked shots I didn’t anticipate at all. This sudden rapid health loss threw me off balance a lot.
As a result of this I walked into the “fractal” attack, further testing my resolve.

In the end I nearly choked but pulled through at the cost of elegance and all my HP pots.
You’ll see what part I’m talking about once you get there. I’ve tried to convey my experience of this final minute through the editing.

All in all, I really hope you enjoy this! It was one of the more challenging runs to complete.

EDIT: forgot to include the link. big brain.


This…THIS is how Rotmg was meant to be played!


Oh no…

Seelpit’s mind reincarnated into mrunibro’s


other way around bro, mrunibro’s has been corrupted by the bees far longer than seelpit has.


oh cool, didn’t knew that.


Game would have died long ago.

I doubt mrunibro is going to go back and do this a second time.



Prove him wrong.


I’m sure he can do it again. He’s a great player.

I’m just saying he probably doesn’t want to do this again.

I think doing it once for glory is great, but I don’t think anyone would enjoy this on a day-to-day basis.


wow just wow





Realm originally didn’t have pet, and it was perfectly fine. Doubt.


While the concept of petlessness itself wouldn’t kill rotmg, rotmg would still be dead without pets. Without the revenue that was generated by the sheer op-ness of pets at the time, kabam would have given up on rotmg and shut it down.

However, this topic isn’t about whether or not a petless rotmg would be dead, it’s about soloing the abandoned mineshaft dungeons without one. If you have anything else to say on this other topic, take it somewhere else please.


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