A Possible Answer To The Lack Of Inventory Space Impacting The Game's Overall Enjoyment


Everyone knows lack of inventory space is one of the biggest issues with this game. I know this is a F2P and they want to sell vault chests 'n all, but those are only worth anything in bulk. How about make everyone happy and both allow for more inventory slots (16 or 32) in our main inventory and chests, along with allowing for most items to stack to 99+.

Like, why can’t we stack stat pots? The game is fun when in a realm and going to events and in dungeons looking for loot, but it kills the enjoyment and breaks up the momentum when you are forced to Nexus out every few minutes to drop something off and figure out what you have to get rid of already.

Nearly everything should be stackable to high amounts, maybe equipment could pass as non-stackable in your main inventory, but then should still be stackable in vault chests though. Those ice shards being only stackable to 5, when you need 25 daily is pretty bad, when you only have 8 slot inventories. Marks not being stackable is simply just a sin, and ruins how cool the whole idea of marks and Daily Quests are, it simply makes you want to ignore the marks, knowing you’ll be frustratingly out of inv space in no time.

Even HP/MP pots could be stackable to higher, I know they don’t want us having a God-Mode exploit, but they just simply need to put a cool-down on items like HP/MP pots. So, you can spam 6 at most, then the cool-down goes up from 1-2-3… until it fills back to 6 being spammable.

The game would be so much more fun, and people would be more willing to buy a vault chest here and there, since it’d really be worth it by adding alot more space, unlike now, where you need 10+ for it to even be a noticeable difference.


Stack items to 99+?? Are you trying to break the game or the economy? Because the latter is already broken.

DECA has been kind enough to give out free backpacks so technically your inventory space can already have up to 16 slots.
Just make some mules with the claimed backpacks on if you have to.

Well you can’t sell them individually if they’re stacked, can you? And it makes one more susceptible to being scammed.

Daily Quests just aren’t for everyone… And hence the name, they’re daily. Just keep the ones you need and turn them in as soon as possible.

If you want those sweet epic loot chests then sacrificing a little of your vault space is the price you’re going to have to accept.


That moment you find out you are a nobody.


Eh, I’m so done with mules, it’s annoying enough using 8 of my 9 chars as mules. The 99+ stacking isn’t necessary, but definitely there needs to be much more stackability of items in general.

Also, I agree that DECA has been good, much better than Kabaam for sure. I’ve just been playing for the last 2 weeks, I haven’t really played hardcore since 2012-2013, where I accumulated 60 of my 61 stars. Back then, when Kabaam took over, they went full-on anti-consumer and just messed so much stuff up.

The Daily Quests and the Daily Login Rewards are very nice additions that weren’t here back then. I do like alot of the things DECA has fixed and improved. Kabaam wasn’t ever letting you get a vault chest without $Gold$, atleast DECA does that, same for char slots, though you can only miss a few logins a month to get each of those, so I have to wait to next month for those since I just got back to playing the game. The single vault chest currently won’t help tremendously though, unless changes are made to inv slots and stackability.

I think the inventory issue is clear to DECA, which is probably why backpacks are given out as much now. 16 really isn’t enough slots either though, with the lack of stacking on nearly all items. Realming would be more fun, each single vault chest would be worth more which would make it more appealing to spend $ on or login everyday for, and the economy would be fine.


Mules=Making new accounts to hold non sb items. :thonk:


While I do agree that it’s annoying, I believe this would be way too extreme.
DECA most likely (just a guess) gets most of their revenue through vaults/char slots, remove the need for those and the company’s doomed.
So while it may be nice for the players, it would definitely not be for the developers.

The biggest issues of the game are shitty servers, multiple bugs and pets.


Personally, I do not find that to be he case; I have plenty of vault spaces and backpacks

This is likely never going to change, and it never should, because the developers (whether Wildshadow, Kabam, DECA) need to have paid features, because this is a free-to-play game. Giving players incentives to spend money beyond paying a one-time fee to have a “full experience” makes the developer more money. Paying for more vault spaces is a pay-to-progress feature. If you are saving pots, you can sell them for items to conserve space that you are lacking. For example, selling def for life, life for skins/Deca rings, etc.

How so? Having marks that are not stackable discourages hoarding them to get the bonus from quest chests every single day. Having them stackable would only lessen the accomplishment of completing an epic quest for many players, because you could hold onto tons of marks and turn them in with no extra effort expended by searching for the marks within the time period.

Just begging for more while paying for less.


Learn to be space efficient like we all did. Not gonna use it? Liquidate and condense it or give them away.


Dude, I’ve spent $150+ on this game. The game would simply be more fun, and the vault chests would be more profitable with these suggestions.

How about for instance stat pots being stackable to like 40 for spd/dex, 35-att/wis, 30-def, 25-mana, 20-life. I mean, people can just go berserk with mules all they want regardless, so the people that don’t want to pay for 10 more vault chests, can always get around it. People that are gonna buy it, will buy it anyways, it doesn’t take long to get full on space, even if they added the more slots or stackability, you’d get full on stuff really quick.

The main thing this would do is make vault chests more valuable, because they’d hold a decent amount of stuff, so people would be more willing to spend $ on them. It’d take very little more time to run out of space in the long run, and I think people would be purchasing vault chests more-so.


I appreciate your idea of stacking items as an innovative idea but unfortunately if Deca implemented this kind of feature into the game, the economy would change drastically…

Picture it like this: We would see people selling Life potions for over 10 Defense potions and many other changes.

I know, this is a vault idea but bringing ideas have to be thought from the outside as well.

I like alot your concept though :slight_smile:


Thanks. They could just make it that your vault chests can stack more than your regular inv, and could even add more inv slots to vault chests. It’d make them worth more. Though there still needs to be some more stackability in general to personal inv space imo.


i dont even have mulesss
i manage space fine


Isn’t life only like 5 def rn?

Deca needs money, if literally any of your post gets added Deca’s revenue would go down drastically, and with people already constantly complaining about Deca needing to upgrade their servers, none of this could be reasonably added.

This is far from being the “biggest issue”

This would completely ruin the original idea of marks and quest chests, you aren’t supposed to store them, they’re daily quests because people are supposed to get all their quest marks on the day that they need them.

You can buy HP/MP pots for a reason.

Pretty much the opposite of this would happen, if each chest were 16 slots the difference each one makes would be half of what it is now, if people ran out of storage less often they would be less inclined to buy extra vault slots.


This is a possible answer; I think having stackable Marks is really the better answer at this point in time, but your idea stands.


Asking a company to give you more without paying (buying vaults/char) or putting in work (logging in everyday, or making mules) is a lazy, easy way out. It’s not like you can’t even get more chars/slots, you just want it easy, with no regard of how it affects the big picture.


Is this just another asking for free stuff post?
I believe Deca has already given us 4 character slots and 3 vaults (that is if you signed into Realm everyday in 4 months last year).


nibba who uses their real account and buys character slots for mules?

yay small text

use a different account for mules


Yeah I don’t really have a problem with storage and neither should you, especially considering

I have 5 or 6 chests and 4 characters and never have had issues…deca gives out enough free stuff for you to manage your items. If you can’t, get rid of your trash UTs, turn your skittles to def, turn your def to life, and turn your life pots into ST items.

Also, if you were able to stack pots, you could dupe stacks of pots…and that doesn’t sound like itd be good for the economy to me.


about 30 of my characters are just filled with items and will be until the point where the main of a class dies.


Since you can’t trade more than 8 items at a time, it would be a pretty large inconvenience for everyone to start selling/buying life for more than 1:8 def or atk. If the stacking option we’re to be implemented for pots, people could realistically ask for more than 8 pots in return.

Just because life is worth less now doesn’t mean it will always be that way. I assure you, the prices WILL rise.