A question for the XML coders out there


Is it possible to limit the dropping of an item to a single person?
i.e. the system checks all users to see if item x exists, and if it does, then item x cannot drop
if item x is not in the possession of all users, then it has a 1/y drop rate from boss a?


And this is why I am not a coder


I have some special items in mind, that’s why


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It’s not really XML “Hacking” though, it’s more of a question.


Deals a lot more with the nitty gritty code, though. There is no perfect fit, but this is the best place for it.
- just like the best place for me right now is in bed. See you bright and early in 4.5 hours -


none of it is, that’s just the name doc gave to the category when it was created because it’s all weird code stuff that most people don’t get.

no, there is currently no way to get an enemy or other entity to look inside player’s inventories. the tinkerer probably uses some custom script that exists beyond the domain of the xml to check your inventory for quest items. I highly doubt there’s any way to get that system to work with any other entity without some tweaks on deca’s end, and if that’s what it takes you might as well be asking them to add a new xml behavior to handle inventory checks to start with.

not sure what you hope to accomplish with such a system, couldn’t someone just cheese it by dropping the item right before the boss dies and then picking it up after it dies? or they could just not carry it with them in the first place.


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