A Rather Large Amount of Sets


Hey, I’m Ohwy. I’m new here on the forums and thought that some people might like to see my sprites here.


All of these sets were made live at https://www.twitch.tv/ohwyxd



I’m not too interested in the ones that are just existing items recoloured, although the more noticeable difference between colours is nice. Makes them look sharper.

I do like the original shapes for other items a lot though.


I love the style! The items definitely fit better with the funky 8-bit exalt feel. Something about those pastel colors and rounder-feeling shading.


No. No, no, no. Bad. Take that down.
pserver mentioning = against forum rules, take down plox ty :pray:

The daggers seem take on a darker and grimmer theme, which is cool. The Void Archer is meh, but the MBC Paladin was very nicely done.


Oops, didn’t know that, will remove it right away, thanks :smiley:


By existing items recolored, which do you mean?


Thank you~ :blush:


These kind of look like the sprites in a certain private server with talismans.


Daang, I want that necro set! The skull and staff look amazing!


That would be because I put them there


Thanks :smiley:


Oh wow, that’s awesome. I love playing that private server.


Ah I told them to take it out because the developers were proper braindead and were spreading lies about me and other members of the community.


I kind of agree lol. The devs are brain dead. Have you seen all the typos??


Looks great! I especially like the pallet for the Necro and Rogue sets!


Thanks :smiley:


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