A “Return To Pet Yard” Feature


I have an electric pet, which isn’t the best for clean tombs as we all know for those Elec Pet owners out there.

So, say I’m doing a dungeon chain with randoms, guildies, whatever, and I want my pet for an OT and other dungeons - then we pop a tomb.

I would like to have my pet for rushing sarcs, but afterwards what if there was an option to “Send home” my pet?

It would be nice to have a button to click on the Pet Tab to return your pet to the pet yard whenever you want, I know that a pet wardrobe is coming soon but this would also be a nice feature I think. What do you think?


Send it home without getting a new one?

Doesn’t sound broken, but at the same time seems a bit too convenient


Also auto-equip pet, having to get your pet each time you create a new character is perhaps the most pervasive issue of our generation.


How dare you sent your cute little pet to go home all alone , you monster , you have no heart ;-;


Yes, being able to swap between like an Elec pet and a Decoy whenever wherever is too OP (pets are OP as is lmao)

I’d be happy enough with just the send home option, being able to automatically re-equip them, that sounds too convent like what the person above is talking about lol.

Considering my pet can make it through LH and everything else I would imagine he could manage :thinking:


How about have a button to turn your pet ability on and off?


Yes I like this too!


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