A Short Survey + Free Golden Clover


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They’ve made they questions that you’re supposed to skip if your answer is “none” mandatory…


I just put other: none


Seems maybe like the beginnings of a DECA marketing push for Exalt. Would definitely be interesting.

Kind of a coincidence that this post regarding Kabam marketing was posted yesterday:


The regions is a bit wacky, “EU” for Europe, tut tut Deca maybe you heard of this thing a while back called Brexit (yeah, feels long ago), you’re gonna be triggering some rueful/begrudging clicks on that option from the UK players. At least they didn’t use “US” for the whole of America. :smile::upside_down_face:


I don’t care enough to wrangle with misconfigured survey questions for a gold clover. The only reason I’m posting about it is because I’m probably not the only one who thinks this way.


I’m curious if there are people who regularly browse gaming news sites specifically. Personally, I’ll only visit those sites if I see them linked on some other platform (like Twitter).
Might just be a case of personal preference though.


My gaming news sites consist of the forums and occasionally the RotMG subreddit, but then again this is the only game I play.


Those count as a gaming site hm. oops.


I don’t think they do; I figure that if they did, DECA would have added them as options.


Yea, I found it was interesting they didn’t have sites like Reddit or Twitter available for choice (while Facebook was on there, and some other sites I wasn’t very familiar with or had never heard of) in the last question. I feel like they wouldn’t really fit into the “gaming site” specification since they’re not necessarily about games, but in terms of just being a general site I think they do raise a lot of awareness.

I think that also, while gaming sites are well and good for articles about the game, there’s more facets to advertising the game than just nice articles, such as actual advertisements.


And making it a good first impression to a player who is pulled in by adverts to try it out. This side of things is for years woefully neglected (nexus chat dominated by spambots pushing RWT and hacks, poor new player experience pushing microtransactions in their face, the /tutorial certainly doesn’t cut it for the game nowadays, and no way for a new player to easily revisit it like the simplicity of a tutorial portal in the nexus; daily quests & marks not covered by tutorial, etc).

Word of mouth I’d venture is still the biggest pull to get new players involved. Which in itself is fine since it’s an established player who can pass on the relevant info like a mentor, but for players finding the game out of nowhere, there’s got to be a high switch-off rate due to the game being inhospitable with how it carries itself.


4325 respondees, accordingly the reward is in the shop now, see: Unity&Flash Patch Notes/PT/Animations [Patch X.33.1.0] for more info.