A take on the missing event whites


Howdy! Currently there isn’t an event white ability for every class. There’s also only two event white weapons in Dirk and Ray Katana. (as Crystal Sword and Crystal Wand don’t count as event whites) Since there’s really no spots in game for these things to drop from, the sprites and names are kind of random. Tried to make them unique and weird :slight_smile: (stats might be a lil’ loose)

Tome of the Everlasting


MP cost: 0
Effect: Casts a heal within 7 squares that heals for the number of MP you have. Halves your MP amount. Removes all status effects from self. Applies healing on self for 3 seconds at 75 WIS. 1.5 second cooldown.
Stats: +70HP, +6WIS

“Tome’s pages always bring a solution. Having the secrets at your fingertips allows to lessen many obstacles.”

With a T6 MP ring you can approach peak necromancer-sized heals. 950FP

Wakizashi of Crashing Lightning


MP cost: 80
Effect: Fire 2 shots from both sides towards each other, each dealing 800 damage. Shot’s life time is 7 seconds, during which both shots travel 1.5 tiles, seemingly disappearing upon impact with each other. Inflicts Exposed for 3 seconds. All of the other properties are that of a tiered Waki.
Stats: +40MP, +2SPD

“Patience and strategy are the most important traits of every great samurai.”

Void Blade part 2. 900FP

Boneguard Skull


MP cost: 110
Effect: Gain enemy’s Defense (max 50). Fire a shot under the cursor for 60 damage, and gain a defense boost equal to the amount of damage deflected by the enemy that your shot hit, this boost remains active for 6 seconds at 75WIS, or until the skull is used again. Fires explosion within 4 squares around the cursor, dealing 120 damage.
Stats: +70HP, +2DEF, +3ATT

“The bloodthirsty magic of this skull lets it match any rival’s strength.”

Although impossible in Flash, should be easy in Unity - as you deal 60 damage, check how much damage happened and then 60 - damage = defense you’re getting. 1100FP

Razorwave Scepter


MP cost: 110
Effect: Shoots a fractal disk that after a second explodes dealing 520 armor ignore damage within 1.5 tile radius. Disk travels 5 tiles. Upon exploding the disk releases 6 smaller disks placed in a 1.5 tile radius from the original disk. They travel towards the nearby enemies for a range of 5 tiles. Each disk passes through enemies and deals 180 damage at 75 WIS.
Stats: +4ATT

“If you see its magic, it is already too late.”

The direction where the small disks would be heading can either be some invisible Chain Lightning cast before, and the different disks travel toward different enemies hit by that lighting, all to make it semi predictable. 1300FP

Goldtop Lute


MP cost: 220
Effect: Energized on self for 3 seconds. Proc = gain +6DEF, +12DEX, +30HP while being affected by a status effect. (doesn’t stack)
Stats: +3DEF, +6DEX, +15HP

“The finest crafted lute in the realm. Many Ents fell for this to sound.”

Basically guaranteed buffs if you hang out with Paladins other Bards and so on. 1100FP

Prism of Savagery


MP cost: 90
Effect: Teleports to cursor. Upon teleporting to the new location create an explosion within 2.25 tiles for 380 damage. +15DEF for 1 second.
Stats: +35HP, -3SPD, -4VIT

“A prism with explosive capabilities, made from a very heavy gem. Hard to not listen to the voices inside it and pointless not to follow.”

Hulk smash! 850FP

Golden Thread Bow


Stats: Shoots three 58 damage shots forward, spaced quite close together, in a range of 5. But then those same shots like the “Parasite Spell” travel backwards behind you for 5 tiles. Shots hit multiple targets. (shots move 5 tiles ahead, 5 back, 5 behind, end)

“The gold and various marble give it an appearance that could never match it’s dark and deadly ways.”

It’s like a personal shield of arrows. 850FP

Staff of Enchantress


Stats: Fires a 110 damage shot that after traveling 8 tiles will freeze and remain for 1.5 seconds. Has a 0.25% chance to cast any negative status effect on target for 1.5 seconds. +40MP.

“Don’t stare in to the colorful flame.”

Ideally with a berserk active and maxed DEX it would take an average of 3 seconds for an effect to go off. 700FP

Blade of Turquoise Triumph


Stats: 210-250 damage. 3.75 range. Proc = gain +7ATT and +7DEX if over 830HP.

“Rumored to once have been made as a gift for Oryx himself, but in forgotten events it never reached its destination.”

It could say “if over 90% HP” but might be harder on the code due to pally buffs and armor/ring swap outs. 1000FP

Golem Caster Wand


Stats: Fires three large projectile 330 damage shots that pass through enemies and obstacles in range of 6 tiles. Projectile speed 5 tiles a second and arch that of a T12 bow. Cooldown 3 seconds. +4WIS,+25MP.
Proc = Firing the wand plants a static Golem minion in your location for 6 seconds that “shoots out of a T9 wand” towards the nearest enemy. Each new Golem replaces the previous. Proc = Firing the wand inflicts Dazed on self for 3 seconds.

“A works in progress device aimed to eventually be able to lead battalions of Golems alongside the Colossus.”

Would be cool if the Golem could inherit status effects, as in it can get buffs and debuffs, though that’s a big ask. 850FP.

Alright then.


Ideally, where would they drop?


New event bosses probably


Interesting Whites. I sometimes think about what the remaining event whites would be like too so it’s nice to see someone’s take on them. I’m sure that in due time they will add every ability as an event white and every weapon as well.


The tome’s “halve your mp” cost would mean spam healing since you can always do it until you drop to 1 mp x)

Also you should look at the new ST waki and adjust the damage of your own waki since it’s just a downgrade atm.