A True New Player's Guide


This guide aims to be a more comprehensive and modern New Player’s guide than what has been done before.You can find it here.
I’ve spent several months on this, so I really hope this helps out a bunch of people!


sadly I doubt new players will ever find this guide


I did! It encouraged me to mess with the visual settings again. When I started playing I didn’t notice a difference when I changed the opacity settings (didn’t realize they didn’t take effect in the nexus), so I put them back to default.

Now my days of suffering are over, I can finally see what I doing during an Oryx run. Now I have the confidence to start trying more O3 runs, since before I was having a hard time dodging things I couldn’t see.

Otherwise, I guess I have enough experience that I either knew or was uninterested in the rest of the guide.


I can attest to that, having played so closely with beginners from when I made a beginner’s only guild.

They more often than not ask questions if they have any and find their answers through hearsay and are even content with lukewarm answers.

This guide won’t have nearly the usefulness or impact as Bluenoser’s Guide did in the WSS days.

Times have changed and this is a new era.


It will at least reach the new people on d/rotmg, as it has replaced the Bluenoser guide as the !guide command


Small update to this guide.

  • Guide is now exclusively hosted on Google Docs. This is to prevent discrepancies between versions of the guide.
  • Fixed a few small cases of missing info
  • Added some extra info
  • Section about “Lag & How to Deal With It” coming soon.

My aim is to keep this guide updated, so message me here with any inaccuracies or updates. For example, the Steamworks dungeon will be in the game soon, which means one of the exalts is being replaced. Therefore, I’ll need to slightly update my Exaltations section with a new image and some new text.


Updated the following sections to include information about Seasonal Characters:

  • Vault
  • Battlepass Campaigns subsection renamed to Battlepass Campaigns & Seasons
  • Rule Changer NPC added to Nexus Navigation
  • Also added back images that were removed due to limitations with reddit posts


https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/rotmg-slang-to-english might be useful to link somewhere


Could a guide for Exaltation process be possible for the document? Or stick to strictly for beginners.


What exactly are you suggesting? A little confused, sorry. I have a section that outlines what exaltations are, what the rewards are, and what the requirements are. I can’t exactly go further than that without making straight up dungeon guides, which is not what this guide is for. There are plenty of videos that can communicate dungeon guides far better than I ever could with a text document.


Updated the Exaltation section:

  • Kogbold Steamworks now grants Vitality exaltations in place of Crystal Cavern
  • Crystal Cavern now grants Wisdom exaltations, on top of Fungal Cavern. (This information isn’t mentioned in-game by the way, classic DECA)


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