Aah shit i "greifed" in candylands by idling at the boss spawn point a year ago


i mean i only did it for 30 seconds as a joke, will i get banned or somethin?


if you hadn’t mentioned it just now, I doubt there’s a single person in the entire world who would have remembered a 30s “griefing” from an entire year ago.


DragonRage is a troll.
Don’t waste your breath (or… fingers? What’s the equivalent for typing)


Don’t waste your time.


Don’t waste your time.


sorry kid, your done for


Well… I sent one in too…

This is awkward


Dude ur fucked. Deca will Ip ban your country


What if you wanted to go to heaven, but God said… butgodsaid


Dude, you’re getting banned, sorry to tell you. DECA waited a full year because they were busy, but your account will go down in a few days, most likely. Might as well give your account items to me, fam. I’ll hold on to them, I swear. :wink:


I dont troll anymore, but seeing as people are taking it as a joke, I supposed it doesnt matter now.




@moderators I think this should be put in the whine cellar.


You can change it you’re a regular.


@Campfires just told me that lol. But thanks anyway. :slight_smile:


Please don’t bump dead threads for no reason.


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