Ability Range (In-Game Feature Idea)


I was playing around with my Paladin when I realized how useful it would be if I knew my ability’s range. I figured this could be useful for most of the classes.

I made the GIF below, showing the actual range of my GCookie. Though it isn’t very detailed nor cool, it does show what I mean.


Perhaps this feature could be activated when the player holds down Shift?

I’ll probably make a detailed GIF will cool particle effects later.

Meanwhile, what do you guys think of this idea?


You can just read the wiki and learn each ability’s range. For example:
Tiered quivers have a range of 15 tiles from the user.
Tiered spell shots have a range of 16 tiles from the point of target
and your example, gcookie, has a radius of 4.5 tiles that increases by 2% for every WIS point above 50, as does every other tiered seal.

I don’t see why this would be particularly useful, especially considering that most if not all abilities list their working radius or range, as shown below (I also happen to have a gcookie on a pally with 75 WIS so this is a perfect comp). The only thing is that often times it’s listed as squares rather than tiles (they’re the same exact metric).
Also consider that there’s graphics that roughly show the range of your radial abilities. You can see this in-game whenever you use your ability, even with disable particles master turned on as well as particle effects turned to low.

While we’re on the subject of knowing certain ability aspects, here’s a good point to consider. There are some abilities that don’t list ranges in certain aspects. For instance, teleporting abilities don’t list the maximum range (if I remember correctly, it’s a limit of 13 tiles), and scepters don’t list the range of which the initial target can be hit (I don’t know this off the top of my head). This goes for weapons as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a little tooltip for wavy shots or parametric shots? Or how about projectile speed? When Deca added the wakizashi ability, they definitely gave us enough information as to the cast range and the projectile range of the ability projectiles, which is a nice touch. Hopefully we’ll see more information (or at least the option to see thereto) as to the currently behind the scenes aspects of not only abilities, but other equipment as well. So to summarize, they don’t need more meaningless graphics depicting something we know already. They should instead make it so we’re able to see more info on a weapon, on the fly, from the tooltips.


Wow, thats a really cool idea, would be really usefull for the game in general, but i think it would be bad if it had particles since they couls bring lag (especially in discord dungeons or USS)
And since its most for paladins, priests, necromancers(heal range) i think it could be hold spacebar to view range, release to use, so if you dont want to see the range you can simply press space and release immediatly


True, but exactly measuring tile-by-tile isn’t exactly efficient.

It could, but players can easily disable the Particle Master, preventing this.


This would be pretty useful, but it might be complicated for a lot of abilities. Poison and traps would have to be centered around where the mouse is. What about ability shots that extend past the field of view?


Well this is apparently made for abilities with effects around the player, like paladin, priest, necromancer… so it wouldnt affect abilities like quiver or shield for example, but i think it would be good for poisons/traps too


Have to say I think I’m against it for theme reasons, as it kinda breaks the theme to have range indicators for our items when it’s supposed to be ‘old fashioned/medieval’ abilities, not modern tech with a laser-guided targeting mode.

We do already get feedback on using abilities of the range simply by the graphical effects.

So though I agree it would be useful (same as if a weapon’s max-range was also constantly visible as a circle), I’d dislike it being in the game.

Also it would have slight problem in that other player locations aren’t fully accurate due to the client-server nature of the game, so it couldn’t be use it to guarantee being in range to affect another player anyway, as if they moved it would take a fraction of time to transmit to our client, so also for that I prefer the info is kept deliberately a bit fuzzy by not having it precisely displayed.

All that said, I would have absolutely no problem with it being in the tutorial or some other training location that we could go to, and stand on an information tile or something and it magicks up a range circle in the Hud as a way to teach us visibly what the range of an item is.


True, but with particles and a more natural look, it could seem more “magic” and spell-like.

Something like this, which I randomly got off a search:


Its availability could always be toggled on and off, and I thought it might be something useful, as I have always had problems making sure I was in range and stuff, especially as a Paladin that plays a lot of support when it comes to guild runs and dungeon pops with friends.


I can see it… you trying to be saturn (not the artist) in rotmg!


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