About the Ideas category


A place for you and other players to imagine what the game could be.


Think of this as “fan fiction” for game design. Don’t post your idea expecting it to be implemented. Game developers don’t choose what to work on based on “support” and “bumps” and “likes”. It’s not a democracy. They decide based on what they believe is best for the game.

Full Ideas Only

Ideas rarely go over well unless very well thought out.

Be creative and show some effort! We love to discuss unique things! Stats, background, lore, sprites, why the item would help the game, how the item is fully balanced – that will make your idea HOT.

If you want to post for some feedback or ask for some help before your idea is complete, post it in the #ideas:wip category.

Use the Subcategories

Classes | Dungeons/Enemies | Items | Other
If your idea falls into one of these groupings, please post it into the appropriate subcategory instead of the ideas root category.

Check for Similar Threads

Your Idea might be amazing, so amazing infact that somebody else may have thought of it before you. Before posting your idea make sure it’s original by searching the Ideas category for similar ideas.
In the case that you do find a similar idea already posted feel free to give them a like or share your take and expand on the idea in the discussion.

Common ideas to avoid (WS link)

These are not necessarily bad ideas, but some are just plain impossible based on the architecture of the game. Other times they have been discussed and re-discussed so many times that additional conversations clutter the forum instead of engendering valuable discussion and creativity.

Given that many of these conversations were on previous iterations of the forum, we may open up some of those conversations again in an organized fashion. In general, for now we ask that users avoid these Ideas in favor of discussing something fresh and creative. If you want to venture into one of the below topics, please research historical iterations of the idea before you get started, thoroughly expand your idea, and elaborate on why your version of the idea is distinctive from other ideas.

  • Player-vs-player (good topic on this one here)
  • Unsoulbinding Items
  • Nerf pets, or anything non-constructive about pets
  • Oryx 3
  • Classes that use new weapons or armors
  • Mana Fountains
  • Abilities that heal mana of those around you
  • Private/Guild Realms
  • New stats, especially Range or Luck
  • Increased Level Cap
  • Hotkeys for Weapon Switches/Smart Pot-drinking
  • Chests for Fame
  • Stop selling weapons/armor for gold
  • Fame to Gold
  • Anything Pay to Win
  • Teleport Blocking/Disallowal
  • Teleport Invulnerability
  • Making a Mobile App
  • Making a Sandbox/Single Player/Offline Mode
  • Stop accidentally dropped items
  • Different lootbag drop sounds
  • Fixes to the Economy/Duping
  • Lootbags on Minimap
  • Return of gravelooting
  • Permanent Dyes
  • Increase stat potion drop rate
  • Grand exchange/Master trading system
  • Reputation System
  • Retro servers/Server Wipes
  • Anti spam-bot measures

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